Apple core. Baltimore. Who’s your friend? Me!


Oh, the sewing machine and I are getting re-acquainted. I’m throwing it some curves. I’m sometimes known as the squares and rectangles girl, but perhaps 2008 will be the year of the curve. I will probably re-think that when it comes time to sew the rows of applecores together. I needed to order some more separator stripes (have I mentioned how much I love Fabric Shack?), but this little project is moving right along. The fabric is Pop Parade from P&B; find the free pattern, ApplePop, here. Cutting is going very quickly thanks to the 8″ applecore acrylic template (it is slightly shorter than the pattern’s template, but ultimately that doesn’t matter).

Question: Guess where I went yesterday?

Answer: NOWHERE!



  1. pam said

    Looks fun. Makes me want to try it just a little. How was the cutting? What size rotary cutter did you use? I have one of the tiny ones which I figure would do well on curves. Of course I love small stuff so I want that applecore template that’s three inches. Which is MADNESS.

    Cool on staying home! Its stormy here but I’m going out anyway. Because I’m like that.

  2. carolfun said

    ohhhhh— that is one cool quilt – i love your choice of fabrics and i’ve never seen apple core done with a separtor stripe — very striking — Fabric Shack is my favorite quilt shop – i live about 30 min away and i get into sooooo much trouble there — last week i spent $200 and i could have easily spent twice that much — so much beautiful fabric that is irresistable!!


  3. marisa said

    Your apple core is beautiful. Nice going, working w/ curves. A quilter w/o fear! Looking forward to seeing more! Hope your weather cools down. You must be missing your snow!

  4. […] apple core quilt is DONE! (OK, maybe the bias binding needs a good steam […]

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