In my mind’s eye

I love fabric. No, really. I LOVE fabric. Yesterday I had one of those spells where it feels like one has been at the bar far too long. After seeing some Westminster color groupings, I got overly emotional about fabric. “I love ya, man.” Clearly, the fabric had not imbibed and sat mutely on the table.

I’m not quite sure what it was, usually I get excited when seeing the new prints and colors that are usually grouped by print, but my heart was just racing when I saw color “stories” made up using a variety of old and new prints. They were stunning.

Earlier in the week, I was poking through the Quilt Index looking at old quilts (a person has to do something else while watching a presidential debate). It’s always inspirational (the quilts, not necessarily the debate…). I became fascinated by comparing the thumbnail photo to the larger photos of the quilts. While perusing the thumbnails, my mind’s eye usually saw something completely different than what was in the larger photo. I think this could be a very good exercise in quilt design, and a pencil and paper will be required alongside the computer the next time I visit the Quilt Index. It could be a little game. Pick an interesting thumbnail and sketch what you think the quilt looks like. Click to see the larger photo and compare.

Which brings me to today’s dabbling. I need to quilt the applecore quilt, instead I am dabbling and playing. Gotta keep fresh, I guess. Tomorrow WHEN SCHOOL IS OUT, the creative side of my brain that does not abide commercial interruptions will just have to do something a little more rote, so today I played. Anyhoo, so my mind’s eye joined up with the Quilt Index and the Westminster color stories and a great tutorial from Amy at Happythings to do this:


I’m not sure it’s as exuberant as I envisioned, but it’s in the realm of the happy place in my mind’s eye. I must say, somewhere along the way, my brain must have been working well. While searching the dysfunctional stash, I stumbled upon a cache of Kaufman solids purchased during one of Hancock’s of Paducah’s solids sales (they were practically free).  Many of them will be quite happy in this quilt…I’m not so sure about that brighter yellow though…

Anyway, I encourage you to go play!



  1. pam said

    Ohhh coool. Never been to the quilt index but I guess you can spend a lot of time there? I’m all about spending time doing ‘nothing’. Love the block and I be the yellow will really add a spark to the quilt.

  2. I love the pics of the new store. Are the hours going to remain the same at the new one?

  3. Samantha said

    Yum! What fun playing you’ve done there!

  4. jmbmommy said

    Wow I like what I am seeing…I wanted to try one of these x-blocks as well…that is a happy thing!

  5. pilot2b said

    Really has a zing to it, do like the yellow. Such fun ideas you are giving us. Thanks.

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