A favorite tool

Pam asked about favorite tools. I happened to stop at the hardware store today and what did my eyes light upon?


My favorite quilting gloves from Atlas! How did Ace know I needed a new pair? I wouldn’t have thought to look there as I purchased my previous pair at the quilt store (of course, they are billed as gardening gloves…). If only they had had the lime green ones! I settled for this lovely purple pair because they didn’t have hot pink in my size. Oh well, the purple is far better than the sickly chalky green ones I’ve been using.

I love these gloves because they are coated all the way down to the palm, not just on the fingers. Once in a while, one is in the midst of a machine quilting frenzy and needs that extra grippy area on the palms until one can move one’s fingers. I needed a new pair because unhooking basting pins has taken a toll on the finger tips. Hmm, maybe I’ll get an extra pair to have in reserve. Or maybe I’ll wait and see if they come out with gloves in Kaffe prints next year!



  1. Oho I could not get gloves which matched the fabric I was quilting on. My eyes would go nuts. They would be lovely however.

  2. pam said

    I love lime green.

    I haven’t tried these gloves, although the shop I USED to work at sells a lot of them. How does the price compare to the hardware store? I use the Machingers, which just have a light amount of stuff at the finger tips. I’ve had good luck with them. You do some amazing machine quilting though, so I might have to reconsider.

  3. pilot2b said

    what a great idea. Must go to Ace and get a pair. Perhaps they will have the HOT pink in my size.

    don’t know what time it will show when I submit this, bit it is still in the 3 AM range or about.

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