Quilt avoidance

Remember this?


Well, I still love it, but I’ve been avoiding it because I couldn’t decide how to quilt it. Nothing like a deadline to shake off the avoidance. I’m not sure I love the quilting choices I’ve made and I’m still kind of avoiding some areas, but it has to be finished. Love it or leave it.

I’ve kept my nose to the presser foot for some time now.

The apple core quilt is DONE! (OK, maybe the bias binding needs a good steam press…)

The Posh Tot quilt just needs the binding sewn down.

And diligent quilting on the Paper Plates quilt. I thought I was really getting somewhere. And then I got a phone call that a fabric collection–for which I’d committed to making a sample–had arrived. I’m usually not bummed out when pretty things come in boxes. But it too must arrive at some state of completion over the next eight days. I suppose I ought to go get the fabric sometime soon…more avoidance.

While sewing down some binding or other, I caught The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun on Sundance last night. I love a good documentary. This was a little tricky. There would have been greater progress on the binding had I not had to look up to read the subtitles and look at the castle. If you should happen to run into this film, I highly recommend it.



  1. pam said

    Love it, love all the rickrack and what looks like fancy stitching. I find all your stuff so inspiring. Love the quilting.

  2. Kathy said

    Mrs. S, you ARE going to show us the completed apple core quilt when it’s all said and done, aren’t you? You might be ready to see it out the door, but I sure would love to see the finished product.

  3. Nancy/NC said

    I am looking on your blog here, at your Flower Plate block pic. Love it, & would love to see this whole pattern! Where can I buy it, is it available online somewhere? If so, I can probably do a google search & find it, with more info from you, lol! Love it! I need to read more of your blog, I love what you write, & hearing about all your projects!


    Nancy….(email me privately when you can, thanks!

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