Applecore complete

Here she is, the completed Apple Pop quilt.


Given the current wind chill factor, I wish I could crawl under a pile of quilts for the day. Alas, off to be a dutiful school volunteer…better take my Airborne before I leave.



  1. Lisa D. said

    Wow, what a beautiful quilt! Just stunning!

  2. pam said

    That turned out so good. It makes me want to try curvy things.

    And Airborne.. you’ll need a mask and some heavy duty antibacterial soap.

  3. Jana said

    Love the fabric choices. How big is the quilt?

  4. Jan said

    Woohoo! Very nice!!

  5. Gorgeous. Definitely take something the flu is rampant here again. Which means I will not be getting to the shop today as I had planned.

  6. Lorre said

    I love it. It is so graphic and colorful.

  7. What a fun quilt! Very cool!

  8. Robyn Kirk. New Zealand said

    The quilt is really great. I envy your vision for making a traditional pattern look fresh and new.

  9. alobsiger said

    Oh, Robyn, it wasn’t my vision at all. I just admired it and had to make it! It is from a pattern by Debbie Hanson. The pattern is here:

  10. Camille said

    Amazing! Just BEAUTIFUL!

  11. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    Oh, my! I think I feel a swoon coming on! It’s absolutely stunning!

  12. Bravo. And an A&E for good measure.

  13. samantha said

    This is simply, fabulously, stunning.

    I want one!

  14. Kathy said

    Oh, Mrs. S! It’s just fantastic.

    What are the dimensions, and how did you quilt it?

    Thanks for posting this curvy quilt. Now you can move on to something more congenial.

  15. Paula said

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!!! Thank you for sharing. The colors are fantastic and soooo refreshing. I would love to have something like that in my house…even just a lap quilt!!!
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
    Have a fabulous weekend!


  16. Amy, thanks for your thoughts. I got a flu shot last year and was sick on and off from October to July. That is why I didn’t want one this year. Now I don’t know what to do.

  17. Cyndi said

    Oh my lord! WOWEEE that’s a beautiful quilt. Almost makes me want to try curved piecing… hmmm… I dunno. Still seems scary! Beautiful but scary!

  18. pilot2b said

    What a stunning Apple Core! Just looked and someone else said stunning, but it is. colors are to die for, and yes, so is the quilt. Thanks for information.

  19. Heather said

    I’m joining in a bit late, but just wanted to encourage Cyndi (and anyone else)to have a go at curved piecing. As long as you pin carefully it’s very easy, and so satisfying to see it all coming together. I’m working on an applecore project right now and I’m enjoying stitching it by hand, although at the start I was maching stitching (either way is very easy). Machine stitching doesn’t allow me to sit on the couch in the sun, so hand stitching it is for this little project.

  20. Polly said

    Just wanted to see some completed apple core quilts. I have been cutting the apple cores out of scraps but love your look. Wish I had seen it first. Well, I have to start sewing, hope mine turns out one-half as beautiful as yours.

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