Snow day

I’m supposed to be working on this today:


The quilt was designed by Jason Yenter using his Floragraphix II fabrics. I have to show you a picture of the quilt from the pattern book because this is all I’ve gotten done of it today:


We got a mess of snow overnight, so I have “help” around the house today. Instead of doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I’ve been helping with some other things. For example:


Of all the snow we’ve gotten this year, today’s was by far the best packing snow. We just had to take advantage of it. I also must mention that someone is still wearing pajamas under her snow pants…


People, this house was totally unfurnished this morning! There has been a high level of creativity applied to this. Also a lot of tape has been applied. I’ve been trouble shooting, tying knots in beading elastic, wielding an Exacto, and applying Band-Aids (not to myself). Do you realize that the bathroom in the upper left has a fully functional shower curtain??? It’s true.

So, some portion of the quilt will get done by Thursday morning, but a girl has to enjoy the occasional snow day.



  1. Ha I am still in my pajamas also. That’s the flu for you. To be back in the days of building snowmen with my kids. Sarah now has the flu and wants me to come over and take care of her. She’s 25.

    I love the doll house. Do you guys subcontract? I have one here that needs work.

    I like that quilt. How will you do the circles? Applice or pieced?

  2. Oops, applique. Can’t spell.

  3. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    D’oh! You luckies . . . . we were just below the “packable” threshold with our eight inches of snow. I’ll tell you a secret, Jingle . . . I had my pajama pants under MY snow pants while I shoveled today!

    Love your house!

  4. Violette said

    The globes are a cool idea. I may have to copy this idea from you for a TIF project.

  5. pilot2b said

    New here, but you have certainly inspired me. All of the things on this page were great. I can only do a little at at a time, as I am one of those fortunate people that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome put its ugly claws into. Have had it for over 20 years prior to anyone know what it was. Want to start quilting again, so bad, Thanks for sharing your quilts with us and the Garden Globe—well, I already have my colors in mind..

    Our snow from Jan. 17 is finally melting–Western SD – Black Hills. decent temps this weekend, but -20 one night last week.

    Take care

  6. pilot2b said

    Looked at the time of this comment. How about 3:34 AM MST ?

  7. Samantha said

    Not the planned day, but looks like a fun day! Kudos on that working shower curtain!

  8. […] be the week for that. Luckily, it’s not strep, just a virus with an undisclosed end date. The Garden Globes quilt top did get finished today. I could have done a better job of mitering those borders. It […]

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