A slow-down of sorts has occurred. A wrench in the works arrived in the form of a school kid with a high fever. My head predicted this would be the week for that. Luckily, it’s not strep, just a virus with an undisclosed end date. The Garden Globes quilt top did get finished today. I could have done a better job of mitering those borders. It looks pretty much like it does in the book.  I must say, the In the Beginning fabrics are certainly silky and lovely!

I also finished a block of the month block today…slightly behind schedule. What can I say, the dog decided to get sick too.

Wish me luck. I’m supposed to work a shop hop for the next three days. The kiddo will probably be well, but I’ll be the one getting sick. I do the A to Z virus protection plan though: Airborne and Zicam. Don’t fail me now.


  1. pam said

    Hope you stay well. I’m not going to lie, not working a shop hop this year will rock. I love the everyday type of store work, but the jam packed manic days not so much. Love the block!

  2. If it is the same virus we had around here it is a lingering one. Hope she is better very soon. Kids don’t seem to suffer as much as adults.

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