Hexagon helper

There is a lot of hexagon love out there these days. As I was cutting some out just now, it occurred to me to mention one of my favorite hexagon cutting tools. I think I’ve mentioned Brandy’s Mylar Pieces before, but they also have handy-dandy acrylic window templates for hexagons too:


The inside of the template gives you the actual finished size of the hexagon. The outside adds the 1/4″ seam allowance.

Today I needed a few card stock templates in actual size (not having the size I needed in mylar pieces). So, I traced inside the window to get the finished size. Then I needed to cut some fabric hexagons to include the seam allowance, so I used a 28 mm rotary cutter to cut around the outside of the template. A little double stick tape helps keep the acrylic template in place while rotary cutting. Done and done.

I regularly pull out these templates and love that they make hexagon prep go quickly. And when I decide it’s CRAZY TIME, I can use the template to cut fabric for the 1/2″ hexagon mylar pieces that arrived recently. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Edited later to add: And when you realize you have cut the wrong small size hexagons, it is slightly less painful to fix the situation. D’oh!



  1. pam said

    Yeah, crazy is the operative word here. I like my EZ Hex ruler. Its a green hex shape, easy to rotary cut many sizes with a regular sized cutter. Not that I cut many hex’s that’s for sure.

  2. alobsiger said

    Ooh, I have the EZ Hex too. I wonder where that is…

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