When life gives you a day off

…make quilts. She-of-the-fever is still home from school. I’m supposed to be at work. Theoretically, I have all of my must-do projects done, so I declared it a free day to start something a’fresh. I recently ordered some patterns from the lovely Cherri of Cherry House Quilts. The blue and green Botanical Pop fabrics were calling out to be in a project. So City Park is meeting Botanical Pop (with some Kaffe dots to break things up).


Being of the more fabrics are better school, I am taking a wee break (already) so I can add some more blues and greens to the mix. I do, however, like the clean, crisp feeling I’m getting so far from the Botanical Pop fabrics, so I don’t want to muck things up with anything muddy. To be continued…

I also have a romantic notion about fabrics for Cherri’s I Do quilt pattern. That will have to wait also since I don’t currently have those fabrics on me, so to speak.

Hopefully, the fever will finally subside by tomorrow so we can return to regular programming.


  1. Hello!
    How exciting that you have the fabrics picked out for City Park – I’m loving the colors. Please send a photo when your beautiful quilt is finished…I can’t wait to see! I look forward to seeing the fabric you choose for I DO. What fun!


  2. pam said

    Can’t wait to see it!

  3. More fabrics are better is my mantra. Sometimes it takes me years to cut into mine. I just like having them.

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