Getting ahead of myself

This week I’m taking a workshop taught by Sue Spargo. I don’t have much experience with wool, so I was anxious to get my supplies together and really think through what I would need to bring. You know, overthinking the actual supply list…

In an effort to test some approaches, I somehow have ended up with a decent start on the center of the Greenbrier quilt. Oops.


The testing involves lightweight fusible web which I have heard is great with wool. It is working great as a stabilizer and raw-edge-keeper-togetherer. At some point, however, I will have quite a few layers of it and there will be swearing and gnashing of teeth when this becomes a problem (note: NOT hand quilting this thing). Although, hmm, in spots it is not stuck on the wool terribly well so maybe I could actually cut some of it away to create a windowpane effect. And the reason I couldn’t use the windowpane approach from the get-go is that I am appliqueing shapes to a larger piece and then cutting the larger base piece to shape…the base piece may or may not change in size somewhat while it’s being stitched to. If you know what I mean. And therein lies the overthinking.

Sue is going to hate me.

Pardon me, I’m going to go make a Valentine’s pillow case now.



  1. pam said

    It sounds fun. All that testing etc, sounds crazy since you’re going to the class and she’s just going to tell you. right? Why not try some Roxanne’s glue baste it. I love that stuff.

  2. bobbinhead said

    With fusible webbing you can cut out the center and just leave 1/4 or so around the edges (depending on the size of your circles). That way it isn’t as stiff.

    Roxanne’s Basting Glue rocks and is my favorite stuff.

    I’ve never worked with wool but your circles look great.

  3. Tommie Beverly said

    How durable is the felt for quilting. Will it with stand the washing and frequent wear and tear?

  4. […] with opportunities to make creative choices. When I was preparing for the workshop (you know, the overthinking…), I focused on gathering my supplies mainly with learning technique in […]

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