My stars!

Look what the eBay fAiry brought:




There are more than 20 of these hand-pieced beauties! SQUEAL! I love looking at the variety of fabrics.  I try to stay off the eBay, at least as it relates to wandering aimlessly among the vintage textiles, but I did spend a little time this week and have a couple more treasures coming my way.

And I wanted to link you up to the graph paper generator found here. Generate your own hexagon graph paper or octagon graph paper or equilateral triangle graph paper or tumbling block graph paper or…you get the idea. Fun for planning quilts!



  1. Thanks for that link. That is an excellent resource. Great stars. I went crazy on ebay years ago and now I don’t allow myself to even glance at it.

  2. pam said

    What a great link, thanks!

    So are you going to put those blocks into a quilt? They scare me.

  3. bobbinhead said

    Beautiful stars! I love stars and they would be stunning in a quilt. I’m so glad you found a treasure!

  4. Violette said

    I am guilty of saying “coffee faucet.” I loved the Miss Pronunciation article too. Mark always comes up with funny things to say about us quilters, doesn’t he?

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