Who moved my beads?

I have a mighty stash of useful and pretty beads SOMEWHERE IN THIS HOUSE.

Anyone have any idea where they might be? Anyone?

I’m thinking I need a new category called “Somewhere in this House.” I could fill up that category. Easily. Yes, I’m organizationally challenged. Ya wanna make something of it?

In the middle of the night recently, I composed an eloquent post about the Sue Spargo workshop. I woke up and all the eloquence had cleared out. I was left with empty winter break head. Or my post is somewhere in this house. So, because of my empty head and my re-arranged beads, you are left with this sad, sad post. I need those beads for my Sue Spargo project.



  1. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    LIMH! I have so frequently wanted to post things like that. “Has anyone out there seen my . . . . .” It always seems like it’s as good an idea as any to try and find what I’m looking for! And while I’m at it, do you know where those awesome wonky orange/yellow/fuschia blocks you made for me a few years back? I’m dying to finish them and I’ve gone through my stuff with a danged flea comb! Then again, I did see a little flash of a box tucked at the back of the toy closet under the stairs that I think had projects in it. Anybody want to own up to hiding that box so well?! Tsk! I didn’t think so.

  2. pam said

    I have all your stuff, its with the stuff I can’t find.

  3. Jan said

    I write the most interesting, eloquent posts in my head all the time. Clever phrasings, humorous juxtapositions of projects and/or circumstances. Somehow I sit down at the computer and *blank out*.
    I waste half my days on the hunt. sigh.

  4. samantha said

    LOL, I think I may have stuff somewhere in your house too. It has to go somewhere when I misplace it. Everytime I think of a smart new way to store anything, I lose it.

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