Hand work week

I have attempted to give in to winter “break” by not requiring myself to do lots of machine sewing this week. I knew it just wouldn’t happen. It is powerful hard because the “shoulds” and “want tos” are sitting idle. But, I am trying to maintain some productivity. I find it helps to keep my brain from leaking out my ear.

So, we have continuing fun stuff going on with Greenbrier:


We have a block of the month:


And the mail carrier was kind enough to pull up and carefully deliver a Stitchette quilting bee:


There are weeks in which I have good intentions of getting lots of things done and then I DON’T get as much done as I planned. That is always a bummer. For some reason, however, it is harder not to have high expectations from the get-go of the week. Just can’t let it go. Yes, it’s nearly the end of break week and I am just now trying to let it go and just go with the flow. The flow included lots of quiet, focused time during which Herself worked on a school project–wait for it–WITHOUT COMPLAINT. I should take a lesson: there was no stressing out about the project, there was just the doing of the project, successful completion and then some Sponge Bob to celebrate! I should try that next week.



  1. Kathy said

    Now Mrs. S! How am I ever going to resist taking up wool applique if you’re going to show off your Sue Spargo project like that? I love love love that bright blue with those warm deep yellows, not to mention the dark blue stems. And the pinks, did I mention those yet? The thought of a lap full of pretty, soft wool to work on as I wait out yet another snowstorm (86 inches and counting in NH) is almost too much. And then your block of the month with those Kaffe Fassett fabrics –! You are leading me ASTRAY.

  2. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    Oh, my! It’s time for my 1:00 swoon! How awesome!

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