Brainwaves and magic

I very much appreciate the feedback on the creative kismet post! Thank you! I did, in fact, draw up some ideas in a sketchbook yesterday. I loved Caity’s idea of somehow marring the sketchbook before using it (see, maybe I’m not so weird about the blanka-pagea-phobia).

I also started a project with the Ginger Blossom fabric. While working on it, I’ve tried to let go of my usual “I’m in a hurry here” approach to decision-making. Now, there’s a fine balancing act: to approach a project with the idea that you have all the time in the world to make choices while not actually taking all the time in the world which would inevitably result in a mess of overthinking.

In this case, I’m starting with a lovely pattern called Petal Play designed by Denise Sheehan of A Graceful Stitch.


But I’m going to transmogrify it and see what happens. Just like my dogs, I have a head filled with ideas.


Like that. Thinking but not overthinking.

And now I have something magical to show you.


Do you see that nice acid-y green in the top-right leaf? You definitely need some of this stuff. It’s silk velvet hand-dyed by Sue Spargo‘s sister, Wendy. Every time I walk past this project, the silk velvet catches my eye. It is the most beautiful stuff. I would venture to bet that every color of it has the same magical properties. Oh dear, I’d better check with my investment specialist to see if I can own some more.



  1. mariajhmom said

    Oh, man! I’m not sure which project I like better. I’m just packing for a quilt retreat. I may need to repack. I’m in the mood for some applique!

  2. pam said

    You are always working on something amazing!

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