Make a wish and open the mollusk

It really says that. See:


This is one of the directions on a “wish pearl” necklace dear daughter received from one of her great-grandmothers for her upcoming birthday.Do you suppose there was ever a funnier direction on a product? For me, the real gift is “Make a wish and open the mollusk.” Can I have the box?

Oh, it has been an event-filled day here, what can I say. The younger dog is somewhat of a nervous Nellie who barks at every little thing that moves. In her practice-for-the-mail-carrier barking, she managed to rip off one of her nails. I can only say ewwwwww.  She is currently confined to quarters until I can figure out a way to keep her foot covered. I had a brainstorm involving neosporin, gauze, horse wrap and press and seal. That lasted about three minutes. That must be a record of some sort for dogs though.

We had some progress on Petal Play.


Yes, that’s a 36-patch. Go big or go home.



  1. Kathy said

    Hey Mrs. S – I love that ginger blossom fabric, and the pattern you’ve chosen is delightful. Are those blossoms machine-applique’d or curve-pieced? They sure are purty.

    Keeping bandages on paws is a losing battle. You’ll get lots of exercise catching the dog, holding the dog while you apply the bandage, picking up the bandage bits the dog pulls off, cleaning up the ointment and blood on the floor, and then starting all over again. I think this is where those plastic Elizabethan collars come in. With those, you just have to bear up under the long-suffering pet face. Good luck!

  2. pam said

    Hey, we had some amazing luck with that bandage that’s kind of sticky that they wrap runners with? I don’t know the official name but its colorful and you can get it at the drug store or probably Target. It doesn’t actually stick to the fur but sticks to itself. Or is that what you used? I don’t know what horse wrap is.. maybe its the same thing. What a pain.

    Love it, go big or go home. Your piece is turning out great.

  3. Jackie said

    I probably would have said ewwwww too! Hope your dog is doing better. I love the quilt you are working on and I too am wondering what type of appliqué it is. I enjoy reading your blog, it is really inspiring!

  4. Jana said

    Our dog did that a couple of weeks ago. What I want to know is, does the nail ever grow back? Or is it like de-clawing a cat?

    Love petal play. The fabrics are fantastic.

  5. Emily said

    Wow that quilt is fantastic. Love the 36 patch. Wow. Wow!

  6. Violette said

    I like your attitude, go big or go home. I gotta remember this quote. In fact I may use your quote on my blog’s quote of the month feature.

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