Oops, I did it again


Also known as, we interrupt the Petal Play quilt to bring you a newly-started quilt.  I have nothing to say for myself. Perhaps this is a little late-winter diversionary tactic–you know, to keep my mind off another winter storm that is on its way to us. The diversion also involved Becoming Jane. The upstart in the photo is Dandelion Wine, a pattern by Lori Allison. If I hadn’t taken such a long time picking fabric (I believe I selected fabric for two of these because they are like potato chips), I could have had this cut and pieced today and no one would have been the wiser. But, oh, the fun a person could have picking fabric for lots of these. Each one would be a delightful surprise. Kind of like a blended nine-patch for lazy people. I am only speaking for myself here.


  1. pam said

    Pretty pretty. You get so much done. It irritates me just a little.

  2. I really love these colors…so warm in the face of a bitterly-cold winter!

  3. Violette said

    Well at least you successfully combined orange and pink. I have been trying to do so for months but can’t find the right fabrics.

  4. Jackie said

    I love the quilt and the colors. Fantastic!!

  5. Jean Cogdill said

    To funny… At the moment I have “Becoming Jane” upstairs waiting to be watched! You ought to see “The Jane Austen Book Club” somewhat different. Not quite what I was expecting, but good in it’s own right! I’ve just recently read all the Jane Austen books, plus her letters. Now I really need to start over again!
    Have you seen “Pride and Predjudice” the one with Colin Firth? There are 2 DVD’s and it’s really well done! I like this one the best of any of the versions I’ve seen. Enjoy…

  6. Lily Boot said

    Fabulous colours! You really have a great eye for picking them – I often try for such brilliance with the colour – but they always turn out muted. As regards ignoring the petal quilt – I cannot count how many projects I have started with the same thought – I’ll just squish this one in because it will be so quick that I will have it done in no time and will then be straight back to the main project – hang on – what’s the main project now?!?!

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