In which it is revealed how lame I am

If you’ve been playing along, you might recall a not-overly-grandiose plan back in November to construct a baby quilt with 25 six inch schoolhouse blocks for dear daughter’s teacher. It was a fine idea which, had I started sewing a few blocks at a time then, would be easy to execute. Instead, I find myself a few weeks before the due date and I punted. It is not a bad solution. You’ll recall Blue Underground Studios’ Posh Tot pattern? Well, instead of plain blocks, I inserted five of the schoolhouse blocks, added the feature fabric and am calling it a day. Lame. I am so lame. Don’t ask me how this involves my hatred of the “everyday math” curriculum. Also lame.


The modified Petal Play top is also done. I now have three quilt tops awaiting quilting. Oh and bindings. And three birthday parties to execute. All before the last weekend of the month. March is always a challenge.




  1. amanda said

    at least you punted instead of running off the field completely!!! 🙂
    love the 36 patch blocks on petal play. i have a few ginger blossom fat quarters but i haven’t cut into them yet.

  2. Lame my a**. Those are both beautiful.

  3. Lil said


    first of all for your comment on my blog, always great to read what others think

    and I’m amazed by these 2 projects, as you realized perhaps funky colors just attract me a lot, I’m one of the biggest Fasset fans
    yesterday in Paris I saw a Jelly role of a new Moda Line, that could be for you too
    the colors are much brighter in real, they just flash
    here you can see the girl who draw the fabric line, the one with the glasses
    the pattern for the diamond quilt is one the Moda site, lol

    hope you don’t mind, I just thought this might interest you



  4. pam said

    I think they turned out great. you and your hip sewing ways!

  5. Violette said

    Love the quilts, especially the Petal play quilt. I may have to make one.

  6. Lily Boot said

    Wow! That is truly beautiful – your colours are magical. I’m with Violette – may have to make one. What type of applique have you used? Warm regards, Lily

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