Karisma pencil revisited

You would think I’m trying to sell you something. Way back when, I talked about the Karisma mechanical marking pencil. I wasn’t overly enthused because it seemed like the marks didn’t come out any easier than a regular mechanical pencil’s marks. But, then again, I think I paid more for shipping than for the pencil itself so I had pretty high expectations.

In any event, I see that Superbuzzy now has the Karisma pencil and refills. I’m thinking I might try some of the white refills since I seem to mark mainly with white anyway.

Heh heh heh, the Kim McClean Princess Feather pattern came today. So pretty!

OK, let me go see if I can get two borders on a quilt before my return trip to the bus stop. Ready, set, go!



  1. pam said

    Wow that pattern seems like some serious crazy talk. I love the border but I know in my heart I’d never ever be able to have the proper attention span to even cut out the pieces.

    I went into the world this afternoon and it was shiney.

  2. Lil said

    oh Amy, you’ve got the pattern already
    my fingers are still burning, but with my recent buys I think I have some quilts to do before

  3. Jackie said

    Boy I can’t wait to see the quilt in progress. I love the pattern, but have to agree with Pam my attention span may not be long enough to get through one block!! Love it though!

  4. Jackie said

    I cannot wait to see your version of this quilt. I am sure it will be absolutely stunning!!

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