Yeah, it’s been like that


Meet my arch-nemesis. This is spool number 2. I have about 4 square feet, maybe a little more, of quilting to do and I am not sure I have enough thread. There will be swearing. Maybe I should clarify that: there will be more swearing.

This quilt won’t end.


I’ve spent quite enough quality time with it over the last week. And to think we will get to be together for the binding too!

I have, however, been deeply entertained by catching up on the entire last season of The Riches while I quilt.

But I won’t blame the quilt for a bad week. It is just in the mix.

Just when I thought things were looking up and a back issue magazine had arrived, I find this:


Um, this is not Fabric Trends magazine. Despite the great choice of green on the cover, thoughtfully matching my new mug, I did not order this.

However, many things were properly received for a certain girl’s upcoming birthday. I would like to thank Land’s End, Mini Boden, Hanna Andersson and Amazon for prompt and courteous (and mall-less) service. Somehow, dear daughter has grown and nothing fits in that all of a sudden kind of way. Good thing she doesn’t mind receiving clothing gifts.

Some entertainment also arrived for me.


The Alabama Stitch Book is really as amazing as everyone says. It is amazing and beautiful. I may someday sew with knit fabric.

So, until next time, may you not be annoyed by anything (including but not limited to pesky internet hosting companies with lackluster support records) and may the Easter bunny deliver lots of chocolate to you. We’re going to see about a short birthday party trip that may get cancelled by a snow storm. It’s how I roll.



  1. pam said

    That carving magazine scared me.

  2. Lily Boot said

    That carving magazine – what a hoot! I too have the Janet Bolton book – I love her work. This is the first visit I’ve paid to your blog and I must say, I like your writing – it makes me smile! Especially the bit about starting another project so that you can get back behind. That is so me!
    looking forward to reading more. Warm regards, Lily

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