Fabric stalker

I’ve been lying in wait for Cake Rock Beach to come out. It is beautiful. I’ve been trying to identify the perfect project for it. I’m not sure this is it. It seems like a waste of some of the prints just to add interesting texture. But I’ll play around with it for a while. The Hearts & Hands pattern has been kicking around in the pattern trove for a long time waiting for the perfect fabric. Let’s let them get acquainted.

If you click over to Moda and look at the Cake Rock Beach color card PDF (scroll down to March new arrivals), you’ll see a Color Wheel quilt (a la Last Minute Patchwork Gifts) using Cake Rock Beach that would look just wonderful in my house!  (May I just add: “OMG not Christmas fabric yet!”)

Oh! I’ve been meaning to mention the Karisma pencil (again). I did get some white “lead” for it, and am VERY happy with the white for marking applique. I’m a habitual user of Pat Campbell’s pencils, but a lot of sharpening is required to keep a good point. Now a good point is just a click away!


  1. Lily Boot said

    The Hearts and Hand project is MAGNIFICENT! – would it take a terribly long time? The fabric is lovely – very summery but elegant. Maybe you need a lovely summer tote bag in your favourite bits so that you may admire them daily! And yes, there is something broken about waiting for spring whilst the fabric companies are throwing snowman and christmas candy at you!

  2. Jackie said

    I love that fabric! I am partial to the hot pink/orange/yellow color way. I can’t wait to see what you finally decide to use it in.

  3. Megan said

    I’ve been a big fan of the Pat Campbell pencils as well, I guess now I’ve got to try a new one…..thanks for the info!

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