Hope springs eternal

I am feeling really old lately. I am about to start complaining about how loooonnng winter weather lasts around here and how hard it is on my chillblains. Today, however, we are having a taste of spring. Yes, spring is going to trifle with our emotions for a few days, and winter is going to come and slap us at the end of the week. I’ve been envious of the gorgeous spring flowers popping up all over blogland. Up until very recently, we had not a green thing in sight. I finally saw some crocuses while walking the dogs today. The dogs were very excited about a walk, and I found that someone’s harness is fitting a little tightly after a long winter of re-lax-ing. I think I might even take the down comforter off the bed today (don’t worry, the down blanket will still be there…). We live in hope (and in long underwear and wool socks).

But it’s been spring on the inside of the house:

Some light and refreshing Midwest Modern has been the project of choice lately. Store samples always get to take cuts in the project line-up. But, in the meantime, I think I have found a better pattern choice for the Cake Rock Beach fabrics (which is a project for me-me-me), so I hope to return to that fun thing very soon. I predict a warming trend in the sewing projects.

And there is so much fabric loveliness sprouting up in blogland. Here are a couple of adorable things that have been brightening up my computer screen lately:

You have to see Not So Fancy Nancy’s Flora quilt! She wisely advises that these long strips require careful piecing. Heed this advice or you will get a Wavy Flora quilt.

And then there’s the doll dress quilts at Freda’s Hive! OH MAN! I just want to squeal when I look at these. I had to wander off and get a copy of the Edie McGinnis’s Feedsacks book–been meaning to get a copy for a while.

Here’s hoping it’s warming up at your house too! And for those, for whom it is starting to cool off: may the force and the wool socks be with you!

Hmm, WordPress has made some really great changes to its interface, but–pray, tell, where is the Publish button? Oh, right over there…



  1. What exactly are chilblains?

  2. Kathy said

    I don’t even LIKE orange, and I love Nancy’s Flora quilt. I want to make one just like it this instant.

  3. pam said

    I had on a long sleeve shirt because it was cold inside and went out where it was warm and breezy.. lovely day. I’d box that up for you and send it if I could!

  4. Jackie said

    The sample quilt is lovely! What pattern did you use? What it Fat Quarter Friendly? I am with you on the spring thing, please come. It is April anyway! Thanks for the various links for wonderful inspiration.

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