Build a better pentagon

So, I appear to have the attention span of a flea (no offense, fleas–after all, you are quite dogged) (hyuk hyuk). I just get excited about the variety of pretty things to do in the world.

For example, this beauty over at the English paper piecing pool on Flickr.

OH MY! Oh mY!

Not trusting myself to draft my own pentagon, here’s what I sent through my printer:

A handy new use for those ubiquitous subscription cards too!

All righty then, two more Midwest Modern blocks to make…back to those.



  1. Lily Boot said

    cool! I would never have thought of using that junk like that – very thrifty and environmentally sound. Now – have you cut any out! And what fabric do you have in mind for those divine pentagons? Paper-piecing – I’m in awe at how many different needlework skills you can turn your hand to Amy!

  2. The fleas are laughing.

    I do not see an explanation of English paper piecing. How does it work. That quilt is gorgeous.

  3. pam said

    Stop trying to make me do this. You’re making me mad.

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