I’d be worried too, if I were you

Please, a moment of silence. The coffee maker is being replaced. It stopped working. This has been a long time coming, and I have nursed it along with tender loving care. I even hurt my hand giving it tender loving care upside its electronic head.

We are adopting a new one which we hope will fill the void. But I don’t even know when it will arrive. Who here thinks that expedited shipping means you should ship it next Tuesday?????

The French press will have to fill in. But, shh, it’s just not big enough. And, at the moment, I only have a very fine grind in the house. We are chewing our delicious coffee this morning.

Yes, I have a problem with coffee. It will be an even bigger problem until the new coffee maker arrives.

Please bear with me.



  1. Lily Boot said

    It’s ten to 11pm and I’m about to go to bed – but I’m so glad I checked my blogreader before I did because I will now go to bed laughing! That is the best photo – it looks like a mighty anxious Pixar creature! And you’re chewing your coffee – hee! hee! hee! But I’ll be laughing on the other side of my face in the morning when there’s no coffee in our hopper – :-0. I was supposed to buy it today but became lazy when faced with rain and traffic. Bummer! And no, next Tuesday is NOT expedited shipping! yours in coffee, lily

  2. Coffee is vital! It is the only indulgence I have left and I savor it every morning. I sympathize.

  3. pam said

    I love my french press. But I think if this makes expresso then I now understand why you get so much done..maybe I need to branch out. What kind of machine is that?

  4. twolimeleaves said

    The title followed by that photo really made me laugh!
    And you think you have a problem now? We had a problem, too. Then we bought an espresso machine and our problem quadrupled!!

  5. Lily Boot said

    Hey Amy! You’re tagged!

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