The blog before the storm

Many errand-y types of things occurred today. I am grateful that the stormy weather held off while I over-caffeinated myself, delivered 60 pounds of dog food, bought a really large second grade math workbook (a kid has to do something fun over spring break, no?), and went to the library.

Oh, and Trader Joe’s had these lovely things today:

They reminded me of the border fabric I’ve been working with:

Here are some of the new friends we encountered while dropping off the dog food:

Oh, and, say, Mr. Kitteh, we’ll have to catch you next time on the food thing. Sorry about that. Don’t be mad, ‘kay?

The mail carrier brought this loveliness:

Yea, yea, yea!

OH! Sue Spargo now has a blog!

Finally, Lily, of whom I am normally very fond, tagged me for six quirky things. I’ve started a list twice and will have to revisit that in a future post. Not that I don’t have lots of material. Perhaps it’s the narrowing-down process that has me stymied. Until then, I reference myself.



  1. Jackie said

    Loving the flowers and yes they match the quilt!! Here I am sitting at my computer saying cute things to the cute animals. I wish I could scoop them up and take them home. Love the pattern, where did you get it???

  2. fissiett said

    amy, I wanny have all those things, the flowers ( my favourite spring ones), the quilt, the kitty (he or she’s adorable) and the block of the month envelope (never seen that before, where can I find that)

    hugs Lil

  3. Elizabeth said

    Those ranunculus (sp?) are beautiful. They do go really well with the Midwest Modern fabric too!

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