Let them eat cake!

Or perhaps at least sew with it.

What we have here is a little First Blog-iversary!

Of course, I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting and commenting. But I also want to thank everyone for ceaseless inspiration, loads of chuckles and your many kind words. Thank you! Really and for true, thank you!

Without getting too teary-eyed about the whole thing, what I get from blogs and blogging is the impetus to try to make bold choices in quilting. I have been pondering a project for a while and have been feeling lukewarm about fabrics for it. Well, I made a round of blog-reads this morning and the proverbial lightbulb lit up. I was feeling lukewarm because the fabrics I was considering were not “me.” Late today, I gathered up fabrics left and right that are me fabrics. I just needed to re-focus. Plowing around reading about others’ projects and creative processes keeps me reflecting and considering–it keeps my brain moving.

That said, what blog-iversary would be complete without a give-away??

Because I so enjoy a tasty cake, I thought it would be appropriate to give away a cake, of sorts. A Layer Cake.

This is a delicious Moda Prairie Paisley Layer Cake. yum yum

Now, I’m going to make you work for your treat. We are going to have a little guessing game which involves our in-transit coffee maker. This seems a little diabolical since I don’t even know the answer to this question myself, but in keeping with the theme of bold chioices, I’m doing it anyway!

In order to have a chance to win, you’ll have to guess when the coffee maker will arrive.

Here is the information that I have on its current whereabouts:

1. The coffee maker has been shipped.

2. The coffee maker is estimated to arrive between April 16 and April 21.

3. The coffee maker is currently in New Stanton, Pennsylvania, USA.

4. The coffee maker needs to come to Ferndale, Michigan, USA.

5. The coffee maker is traveling via UPS.

6. I don’t know the type of UPS service by which the coffee maker is traveling. I can tell you we selected free shipping.

So, what do you think? I will put all correct guesses in a hat and draw from the correct guesses. If you guess more than once, I will only consider your first guess for the drawing. I will accept entries from now until the coffee maker arrives. And if it hasn’t arrived by the end of the day on April 21, I will be crying too hard to ever possibly draw a winner.

OK? Have at it and, again, thank you!



  1. jen said

    i’ll guess april 17th.

  2. Happy blog-iversary! I’m going to guess April 16th!

  3. Caryn said

    Happy Blogiversery! I echo every sentiment you stated about blogging! My guess is April 15th! – yes, I know that is earlier than their estimated date, but my experience with UPS is that this is common.

  4. Leslie said

    HMMMMM………How about April 18th

  5. pam said


  6. pam said

    but hey, I love your blog and you always inspire me.. with or without coffee

  7. alobsiger said

    Pam is correct! I hadn’t even thought of that as a possible answer! She will have to get some sort of bonus prize for this, so continue with your guesses. heeheeheehee

  8. Karen said

    I’ll guess early, April 16th.

  9. kathie said

    I will say the 16th.
    I hope it was worth waiting for!
    congrats on your blog anny btw!!!!

  10. Jana said

    I’m going to say the 15th, even though someone already did. Good luck! I’m just glad Diet Coke comes in cans…

  11. Kira said

    Happy Blogiversary! I love all the fantastic-ally (I know … not a real word … but still a perfect fit!) fun inspiration you provide! 🙂 I’m saying the 17th, in the afternoon, and of course right after you finally cave for the day and buy a new coffee for yourself. LOL.

  12. Karin said

    April 18th…. Happy Anniversary!

  13. Linda said

    I’m going to say the 19th because no one else has, for the moment. Happy Blogiversary.

  14. Lynne in Hawaii said

    I’ll guess the 17th for delivery. Happy blogiversary!

  15. Jackie said

    Knowing UPS and the fact that you selected FREE shipping, I am saying April 21! Happy Blogiversary!! Love your blog!

  16. Joanna said

    Gotta be the 16th – it doesn’t have to travel cross country 🙂

  17. Doesn’t matter as long as the UPS guy is cute. Love ya! Congrats on the 366th day!

  18. Erica said

    I’ll guess the 18th. Thanks for always inspiring me to make bolder choices. Happy blogiversary!

  19. Lil said

    ok, I just guess, not knowing anything about the spped of UPS in the states
    so I say 17th

  20. Jean Cogdill said

    Well even though there are a few of us… I’m still thinking that the 19th will be your “Happy Dance” day! Being a non-coffee drinker (although, I could smell it alllll day long… such a wonderful smell!) I can still see that no matter what day it comes you will be doing your “Happy Dance” and the UPS person may get a kiss! That is if your home when it actually gets delivered! Will you be going anywhere during your wait? I can imagine you running to the door anytime that you hear someone pull up to your house! Let’s just say… I’ve been there too!
    Try to be patient!

  21. Amy said

    OK – I’m thinking it will be there on April 16. That layer cake looks so yummy!

  22. sandy said

    Well since it arrived ‘before’ your dates …. what will you do now?

    Love you quilts.

  23. alobsiger said

    Thank you for commenting! The coffee maker has arrived and a winner has been drawn.

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