Thanks for helping me laugh about the Great Coffee Panic of ’08. Whew and mmm. That is over and we have a winner. Two delightful commenters guessed the box would arrive early and indeed it did. Those tricky tricksters at UPS tricked me. The regular UPS truck came and went about the middle of the afternoon. But a second truck with a different driver coming from a different direction came later. Aha, tricky! The dogs didn’t give the driver a friendly greeting, but I yelled my thank you as she retreated to the truck. So, the winner of the Prairie Paisley Layer Cake is:

Congraulations, Jana! My goodness, this coffee tastes good.

Here are a couple of interesting things. Thing one is edible:

Sorry it’s so crooked. There was a guest photographer. Chocolate chips! These kind of sneak up on you. They would be really good with some of that whippy strawberry-tasting stuff that comes with fruit trays. They are excellent plain, however.

And, I finally purchased a copy of this:

I was not aware of this quilt pictured in the Treasury of American Quilts:

Lollypop trees!

I can’t wait to more thoroughly peruse this book and see what other treasures are waiting inside!



  1. pam said

    Everything old is new again. Have you ever seen that book with old fabric in it.. you’ll recognize everything in it. Interesting and dissapointing all at the same time.

  2. kathie said

    just wish tthat they would acknowledge they were inspired by an antique quilt.
    It is not their design. Most are just reproducing the antique quilt.
    I am seeing some are beginning to do that but for the most part they are not.
    Its sad in mho.
    Great book.


  3. Caryn said

    Glad your coffee maker came early! Enjoy!

  4. Jana said

    Thank you thank you thank you! This is my first ever blog win. I should celebrate with chocolate chips!

  5. Lily Boot said

    Ahh Amy – so glad the Great Coffee Horror of 2008 has come to and end! Tricksy drivers indeed – they just didn’t want you to have the pleasure of anticipation! However, I’m GREEN with envy over your new book – I BOUGHT one on Ebay last week only to emailed 3 days later saying he didn’t have a copy. Dumb! I’ll have to try again! Enjoy that yummy yummy coffee! 🙂

  6. Lil said

    Oh Amy, that book must be awsome
    and these lollypops, stunning for an old quilt

  7. Jean Cogdill said

    Happy for you that your c. maker got there early… I suppose if it had not… we might still be waiting to hear from you. Mostly cause you would be going thru withdrawals…. LoL… enjoy your book while enjoying your coffee! Don’t spill!

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