Field trip

I ventured out to the Henry Ford Museum today to see Quilting Genius 2: The Improvisational Quilts of Susana Allen Hunter. Wow, wow, wow. When we arrived, the mood lighting wasn’t working, so we had the lighting of stark work lights. Nice and bright. Then the mood lighting was turned on. Much better to see the stitches, texture and detail, but it really challenged my meager camera skillz. Hopefully, I’m properly caveat-ed now. Here are a few of the gorgeous quilts.

Isn’t the texture amazing? I appreciated that several of the quilts were hung so you could get a full view of the backs.

This is the newest quilt in the exhibit. It is from the 1970s, and is affectionately referred to as the disco quilt. Remember those slinky polyester shirts and qiana?

Wonderful stuff.

We then toured the on-site Dymaxion House. That blew my mind too.

After this quick trip to the museum, there might have been a small visit to a nearby quilt store where there might or might not have been some purchasing of some Japanese fabric…maybe. That’s all I can say.

Here’s to field trips on lovely spring days!


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  1. pam said

    Might or might not huh? Hmmm

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