Some sort of a record

You remember the aforementioned possibility of Japanese fabric acquisition in the not-too-distant past (yes, that would be earlier today)? Well, I cut into it AND sewed with it! I guess I should have told you to sit down before I told you this. I can’t believe it myself. Perhaps the spirit of improvisation moved me. I have kept in the back of my mind a fantastic version of Sue Spargo’s Ginger Grove pattern that was done in Japanese fabrics. If you’ll visit this post at the Material Obsession blog and scroll down, you will see Kate’s version in Japanese fabrics. Lovely, no?!

Well, I am taking the Ginger Grove workshop with Sue in a few weeks and thought I would take a different approach than the luscious wools. Not because I don’t love her wools but because I am still working on Greenbrier in wool. And so, I did this:

Can’t decide on the background:

Oh, I’m having a good time. Can you tell I am completely goofing off this week? Not a “should” under the presser foot so far this week. It is spring break after all…

Hmm, do I dare use some Ikea fabric in this creation? We can never really know the longevity of any given fabric, but would I be stupid to put some Ikea fabric in this thing?

Look how cute it is:

Your thoughts?



  1. Jana said

    I like the Ikea fabric, but I would wash it a couple of times before you commit. If it’s terrible, it will fall apart, and if it’s good, it will still look great. But, by now you’ve probably already sewn it 😉 I love the Japanese fabric, it’s lovely. Our shops here have not embraced that trend.

  2. pam said

    Ohh I like the first one, although I’m not an authority on the this kind of thing at all. It just appeals to me the most. The stripey Ikea fabric makes me think of Joe and the Volcano, I have no idea why since I’ve never seen that movie. The grey is nice, very cool, but the greeny piece is so vibrant.

    So what did you choose?

  3. Joanna said

    I really like the Ikea fabric and I really like the grey one. The green is good too. I’m not feeling the first combo, the green and grey together. The grey, I think, suits being the ‘sky’ more than the ‘ground’. I wasn’t liking the second one with the blue either, but the more I look at it, the more I love it and it might just be the right choice. The blue goes well with the indigos in the beehive, and the circle appliques would just pop on it. So I guess my vote is number 2! Or number 3 if you decide to use the Ikea. Whatever you pick, it will be gorgeous!

  4. Lil said

    Amy, I just love the very last combo with the green and the bright ikea

  5. I didn’t know Ikea made fabric. I like the Japanese myself.

  6. Karen Beigh said

    Wow! Love your idea of using the Japanese fabrics instead of wool. I really like the fabric with the pink, red, and yellow bands of color on it.

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