Back to shoulds

Well, last week’s total slack-itude has come to an end. By last Wednesday I had come to grips with the idea that nothing I should be doing was going to get done. Then I began to embrace the idea. And now I am sad. It was fun to play around. And leave the house. Back to reality and the alarm clock.

Today I quilted daughter’s teacher’s baby quilt. Maybe the binding will get sewn down at dance class this evening. Tomorrow I’ll face the Midwest Modern quilting and hopefully get started on my block of the month block. Not that these are bad things to do by any stretch. But it is fun to occasionally (?) veer off the schedule and see what happens. Funny, the time still passes too quickly no matter what you’re working on.

I will leave you with the current state of the Ginger Grove project. I am pleased as punch with the feel of this project.


  1. Lily Boot said

    I just LOVE this project – the colours, the fabrics, the shapes, your applique – its gorgeous Amy – ignore all your other shoulds and spend the day on this šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh definitely I love that.

  3. Juliann said

    This is just beautiful. I love that background fabric – this block really sings.

  4. Diane said

    Absolutely charming!

  5. Cyndi said

    So beautiful and I love the pieced applique! I’m feeling suddenly inspired!

  6. Wow! A charming blend of interesting fabrics!

  7. kim said

    Oh I love the fabrics you’re using for this!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  8. mary burns said

    I love Sue Spargo designs and your fabric choices are really beautiful!! Love the colors! Hugs, Mary

  9. mary burns said

    I love Sue Spargo and love your choice of fabrics!! Hugs, Mary

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