Note to self

Dear Self,

In the future, as the weather becomes nicer, please consider making smaller quilts. No larger than a throw size, please. You’ve been inside on your sore duff all day (and for the better part of this week) trying to finish this quilt. That is a waste of decent weather, if you ask me. And the dogs are giving you the stink eye because they haven’t been walked today. Plus, you have become boring. And you are listening to way too much bad news on NPR. I’m just sayin’.





  1. 2fun4u said

    Great post,
    I know I’ve been there myself.

  2. Anita said

    I hear ya! 😉

  3. Lily Boot said

    Oh Me! Don’t be so hard on Self! She can’t help it! As for those dogs – they’ll forgive her as soon as she takes them for a tiny teeny walk because that’s what dogs do! Now let Self be. Mind you Self, imagine if you made a whole lot of smaller summer quilts, how good you would feel when they all got finished super-quick because they were so small! That would put Me in her place and you wouldn’t get a sore … 🙂

  4. Cyndi said

    Boy did you hit the nail on the head – I’m totally fascinated with small “quickie” projets at the moment. Just because it feels so good to finish them!

  5. Tami said

    But it is beautiful!

  6. pam said

    Golly it turned out nice. I love the cheery colors. Now get that duff out there to get me that darn gnome picture. I NEED IT.

  7. Lil said

    Amy, you can write that post for me too, lol
    pretty project though

  8. Jackie said

    Been away on vacation and getting caught up! Love the note to self…we all need to do that sometimes. I love your ginger grove quilt. My friend June made 2 of those quilts one in cottons and one in wools and cottons. She then taught the class at the local quilt shop. They truly are lovely! Yours is fantastic!!

  9. Camille said

    Oh, I couldn’t agree more!

  10. sammyjo said

    well i think this quilt is so worth it! its really pretty nice work!

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