I meant to do that

My week is starting off like Lily’s.

I meant to have the puffballs in the background of the flying geese. The geese were supposed to be all scrappy. This is what happens when a ruler gets the best of me. I was so absorbed in the method, I didn’t stop to question which fabric would end up where. And that’s what I did with my sewing time today. Yea me!

But isn’t the new Martha Negley fabric beautiful?!?!



  1. pam said

    Ohh those ‘methods’. They get me everytime, I do better with the actual cut units. Is this a sample or something for yourself? Looks tidy there. I don’t appreciate that.

  2. Anita said

    Oh no! They still look wonderful though. I’m into flying geese at the moment too.

  3. twolimeleaves said

    I do loooooooooooove Martha Negley!Your blocks are beautiful!

  4. Lily Boot said

    I hear you girl! I hear you! Neverthelss, they are super pretty – I love the flying geese block but mine always turn out a bit wonky. Yours are nice and flat! What are you going to do with them?

  5. Lil said

    Amy, that fabric is a beauty kick, but I’m sure you knew my response

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