Such a treat!

Look what arrived from Australia today!

Here is the lovely item that was inside:

I won a contest over at Lily’s gorgeous blog. Can you believe she sent this TO ME? Look at all this stitching!

Shhhh…the baby is sleeping.

Thank you SO much, Lily! I am just entranced by all of your pretty stitches. The fact that Lily would share this work is the sign of a very generous soul!

On the flying geese front, I have the center of the top finished. Yes, um, I did decide that I preferred the “erroneous” geese to the correct geese. The puffball geese gave it better visual consistency, if you will. I think I’ve decided that this now needs a small border and then a surround of more geese.

Well, I would stick around to entertain (?) you longer, but I’m having very annoying WordPress issues. We had been getting along OK after recent dashboard changes, but now something has apparently been “upgraded” beyond my compatibility…or my patience.



  1. Lily Boot said

    Hi Amy! I’m glad she arrived safely – isn’t the post an amazing thing! And really pleased that you like her – I enjoyed making every stitch for you! In fact – the whole experience has inspired me to make many more. Anyway – thanks for being a lovely bloggy friend and happy Miss Greta day! ” 🙂

  2. Lily Boot said

    p.s. – the quilt top looks fantastic and I’m with you on the flying geese – their determined path would have become muddled if you’d used scrappy centres. What are you going to do with it?

  3. pam said

    Love the doll, very cute, super sweet and intricate! The patience that kind of thing takes.. yikes, beyond me. I so admire that.

    And love the quilt! Very cool. You really whipped that up fast.

  4. Lisa D. said

    That present is just the cutest thing ever – lucky you! Your flying geese quilt looks absolutely wonderful! I love the colors and the fabrics!

  5. Lynne in Hawaii said

    Love your little gifty! She is cute. I adore the colors on your flying geese. It really pops!

  6. Lil said

    Amy, wow, your quilt will be stunning, glad you’ve chosen to use the same fabrics for the path

  7. Jean C. said

    Well, I’m with the general consensus… your quilt is great! I like the colors, they really make it nice.
    Guess you will need to find a special spot for your new friend! Have you thought of a name for her yet? Or did she come already named? She looks quite Norwegen to me. Very pretty, isn’t it nice to have such talented and generous friends! Of course, the fact that your so nice just goes to show the reason’s why she sent it to you.
    Keep us the good work. Jean C.

  8. That little ozzy doll is just adorable and your fg quilt is stunning!

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