Despite appearances

…this is not a Christmas project.

Only after the circle was pieced did I begin to see a lovely Christmas palette. It was confirmed after I put the hot pink snow flake right in the middle. I think I might change that out and see if I can stop seeing Christmas. Think it will work?  I think I’ll finish this off with “ric-rac applique” cuz it’s just so easy. Which reminds me to tell you that Barbara at QuiltSoup has some new patterns hot off the presses. I am planning to make Pots and Dots very soon.

This flight of fancy began while I was thinking about possibilities for the center block of The Medallion. I was also thinking about the latest Material Obsession dolly quilt of the month and this ruler I’ve had for a while–the 18 degree Segment Circle. This is a nifty ruler! You can make these wagon wheely things and Dresden plates and Dresden fans, and, if you read the instructions for how to make a 12″ block, you can make the center of a medallion quilt. If you don’t read the instructions first, you get this great wheely thing that fits into more of a 20″ block. Accomplishment nonetheless…

That’s the quilty news from these parts for the day. Now you must congratulate me for renewing my driver’s license. No, I didn’t have to take a test or anything. I just had to go and stand in line at the secretary of state office. Something I had been putting off. I have been reconfirmed as a driver for the next four years. And I don’t have to go stand in that line anytime soon. I was number 81. But they don’t re-start at 1 at the beginning of every day

Finally, it appears that someone informed Garnet Hill that crafting is hot. Someone forgot to tell them that it is not a hot mess. I mean really. There isn’t even a rat’s nest of knots like this is MY sewing room.


  1. pam said

    I love Garnet Hill. But that rick rack begs for untangling. I cracked up over the hot mess comment, as that’s what Frankie says when she see a celebrity who’s pretty and sexy but kind of pretend messy… its a look, sometimes when she’s going out I’ll ask what she’s wearing and it will be I look like a hot mess and she’s got big curly hair and lots of mascara.

    But aside from that, I love that center circley block. Seriously love it. It looks more like one of those wheels of fortune to me, not Christmas, but super cool. What’s your rickrack method, I love it. I think I’ll track down one of those rulers for when I can sew after market. I wonder if you can make smaller blocks?

  2. Lily Boot said

    LOVE that wheel – I must get myself one of those rulers! And your colours are divine. As for your drivers license – oh I so hear you! I now have a 10 year license thank goodness because I procrastinated over the last renewal for so long – and all I had to do was visit the centre and stand in the queue – that in the end my license had expired and everytime I drove out I thought omg please don’t let me have an accident. As I write this I am shaking my head thinking what a twit! And I am! When I finally confronted the young lady behind the counter and confessed that my license had expired she was soooo cool and friendly and said never mind – your driving record is perfect, we’ll just fix up the renewal and get you a nice long one this time. oh dear! But – back to quilting – this is a beautiful centre for your medallion – but I would change the pink. 😉

  3. Jackie said

    I love your wheel, the colors are fantastic! What size strips did you use? It looks like you sewed six strips of the same width together then cut them with the wedge ruler. Is this correct? Does the circle come with the wedge ruler? I really want to try this technique…oh the possibilities. I also have some fantastic rick rack to use. I love the look you have created! 🙂

  4. oooh how inspiring! Just might have to get myself a ruler like that.

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