I’ve got an ear worm

And it involves this god-awful hat:

I KNOW! For those of you who may be out of the loop (ha!), it is dance recital season around here. I may have to have some sort of head surgery to remove “Car Wash/No Parking on the Dance Floor” from my brain. It has one more week to live there. Normally I enjoy these songs. I prefer to enjoy them separately and not in the high-speed remix we have been “enjoying” for many weeks. After I post this missive, I get to hack the netting off the headband part. Yea! Dress rehearsal, here we come!

Before I forget, Sue Spargo has another new book out:

Wouldn’t your favorite teacher love some pretty new coasters? Or a gorgeous pencil case or glasses case???

I set about to pick a background for yesterday’s wheel. What do you think?

Cheerful, no?

Makes the wheel stand out more but is still fun. The center for this is a small Carla Miller check in colors similar to the larger background check.

Howeva, what is now going through my pea-brain is a bigger project that will include bigger wheels like this and smaller, two-color wheels that cover block intersections. Sadly, I could not find ric rac I like with this wheel. I like the goldy yellow from yesterday’s post but will have to hunt to find more. Ponder, ponder.

Oh, and I might have accidentally googled “hexacomb cardigan.” I should know better.

OH, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers!


  1. samantha said

    Love the 2nd background choice. Good luck surviving the dance recital and happy mother’s day to you too!

  2. lil said

    Amy, I do prefer the red dots, looks much fresher

  3. Lily Boot said

    how could anyone resist a post titled “I’ve got an ear worm” – I’m sitting in the early morning gloom of the dining room waiting for the kettle to boil and had a quick look at my computer and what do I see – “I’ve got an ear worm” and THAT HAT! I was instantly awake and HAD to read more 😉 As for the block – I’m besotted – now I want to make it to. I just adore the fabrics and am more partial on the first background – you know, polka dot fetish – the second background makes it look very Sue Spargo – now you’re pleased huh! I’m not surprised you want to make a whole quilt in it!

  4. pam said

    That hat is scaring me. Like the idea of that nonstop music, which I hate to admit crept into my brain just a little bit. And I’m not happy about it.

    Love the backgrounds and the blocks.

  5. Juliann said

    I have been enjoying your blog so much. The fabrics and colors are a wonderful substitute for the spring weather we are definately NOT getting here.

  6. You’re soooo going to need a song exorcist! I vote polka dots.

  7. Be careful what you google! Love your big happy circle of joy!
    Hope to meet you at Market!

  8. Elizabeth said

    I love the circles and all the bright colors. It’s so fun!

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