Wheels keep turning

Maybe I have a teensy addiction problem with the 20 degree wedge ruler.

There are so many different things you can do when strip piecing before cutting the wedges. It’s great fun to play around and see what happens. I prefer the visual impact of the upper left wheel but still had fun making up the others. These will finish to 11″ blocks. I’m planning perhaps some wedge pieced sashing. Can you tell I’m also enjoying the new Martha Negley fabrics and the new Bell Bottoms fabric??

Just in time for next week’s major holiday, I received this in the mail today:

SQUEAL! This is my custom-made messenger bag from SplatGirl Creates. Lara made a messenger bag that I saw on the Supereggplant blog. I could tell it was very well made…not to mention cute. I’ve had the Amy Butler Forest Seedpod fabric for a brief time and knew I wanted it for a bag. I didn’t, however, trust myself to use it wisely and well. I sent it off to Lara who worked her magic and created the perfect bag for me. The workmanship is exceptional. There is not a wayward or wonky stitch as there would have been had I undertaken a bag. I LOVE IT! It has a water bottle older on the side there. Awesome stuff. You can see more of Lara’s lovely wares on Etsy–her Moo card holders are lovely and she has a covetous robot Moleskine cover up right now.

It is also book week around here. I’ve had an Amazon gift certificate I’ve been spending down. So handy to have that “in the bank,” so to speak.

Amazon kept recommending this book to me. They finally wore me down because I couldn’t resist the quilt on the cover. I suppose they will continue to recommend this thick and interesting tome:

And how is it possible that I didn’t already own this book???

I think this is my favorite quilt in it so far:

That’s it from here. I hope you all have a festive weekend, whatever you do!



  1. lil said

    Amy, seems that you’re really addicted to the wedge ruler, ;o))))

    the books must be wonderful, do they also content the patterns?
    think I can’t have those overhere, never seen them, what a pity

  2. Lily Boot said

    oh Amy – ther are so many quilts and just not enough time or fabric!!! How can we possibly go through life without making that last quilt – I can’t. And! I was only thinking about a block spotted background the other night – can’t remember what block I was putting on it – you know one of those planning moments in the shower or hanging out the washing – it looks AWESOME! I too have had Amazon recommending both those books for ages but I’m still awaiting on my Traditional Quilts and American Quilts – titles something like that – and my borders book so I’ll hold tight on that. And won’t you look spiffy setting off with that bag! I love it!

  3. Wow – I haven’t seen that Georgia Quilt book — where has it been?

    Yes, that quilt you are showing and loving IS indeed amazing.

  4. Jennifer said

    That is my favorite quilt picture in the book, too! As much as I try, I cannot find a caption for that photo, though. Is it somewhere obvious that I am not looking? It did not appear to be a detail of another photo elsewhere in the book. Georgia Quilts has also caught my eye many times on Amazon!

  5. […] prepped my third, and after looking at Amy’s gorgeously striking pinwheels this morning, I’m thinking […]

  6. Stephanie said

    Just found your blog. Love your work.

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