I must torture you




  1. Linda said

    My God!!!! I never thought of using You Tube to see a video of a singer/group (duh). My all time favourite is AC/DC doing Thunderstruck. Haven’t seen it for 16 years. My husband was trying to watch a hockey game but I turned it up very loud anyway. We are moving from Mexico to California – all my quilting stuff is packed so I’m relegated to amusing myself on the computer. Love your blog.

  2. At least you didn’t Rick Roll us! Heh! Happy aMy Day, Mrs. Schmenkman! Wish I could take you out to Gayle’s today!

  3. Jeez it must be because I am from Michigan but I always thought the Bay City Rollers were an American group. I guess they were a tad after my time although I love their song, Bye Baby Goodbye.

  4. And now that I have listened to it again it sure sounds like an American song. Thanks for the history lesson. I love youtube.

  5. And now I have just spent god knows how much time strolling down memory lane. All the way back to the early sixties. Who knew they had video of the Dovells doing the Bristol Stomp?

  6. Linda said

    Today the packers are here for our move from Mexico to California – they do not speak English so I hope we’re packing the right things. I have bored them with Patti Page, Glen Campbell, Fats Domino, Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville (sweet), Roy Orbison & AC/DC once again & now my husband is going to kill me so I had better quit. I am doing some applique work as I sit in a little room listening to our dogs strike fear into the hearts of the Mexican packers. Will it make them work faster?

  7. twolimeleaves said

    *GROAN* I have tried for YEARS to leave my misguided 11 yr old self behind and here you are dragging her out again 😉
    I LOVED the BCRfor about a year. Then I grew up(rapidly) and switched to Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin.

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