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Today has been a bit of a media frenzy. In this case, “media” primarily refers to all of the YouTube I’ve consumed today. I wasn’t in the mood for my usual dose of NPR today. So, I started with the Killers and, because of my soon to be advanced age, got nostalgic and somehow ended up back in 1976 with the Bay City Rollers. I wonder if the Killers would be offended. I would be if I were them. There were many stops along the way. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. The Killers reminded me of some Echo and the Bunnymen. Then I went to Cheap Trick and some old U2. I believe there may have been ONE Golden Earring song late in the afternoon. I will have you know that I did not consume any of the revamped Bay City Rollers. There are some things that need to be left entirely to nostalgia so they’re not ruined by old age…

While I enjoyed this musical interlude, I put the wheels into a top.

I was going to go with some sort of wedge-y sashing but decided it would only end up looking like a mess. I decided on the pieced squares after doing lots of higher math and errant cutting. Who makes a block that finishes to 11 inches??????

I’m completely smitten by that black background and border. It’s such a grown-up fabric. Speaking of nostalgia, it’s a Mary Koval design from Blank Textiles so I assume it is a reproduction.

In other media: while I am usually the queen of delayed gratification when a package arrives, I couldn’t wait to open this:

Complete with autographs from the authors:

Thanks for sending it so quickly, Sarah! I was hoping it would arrive for my birthday tomorrow and it did! It is a lovely book and I hear that it will be published later this year in the U.S. I couldn’t wait that long. Speaking of delayed gratification.

Oh, to have a foreword written by Kaffe Fassett. I couldn’t help feeling self-conscious when I read his introductory words:

“Being in the business of teaching, lecturing and judging quilt shows around the world, I get to see a great variation in standards. I have experienced much less-than-inspiring work that takes up wall space in shops and exhibitions.”

Gulp. I am sure he has seen thousands and thousands and thousands of quilts. I couldn’t help but think of the one time he saw work of mine. Crickets. His silence was deafening. Of course, I was in the moment and being extremely self-conscious to my very core to begin with, I couldn’t help but think he didn’t like what I had done with his fabric and pattern. Or he felt it was so mediocre that it didn’t merit any notice at all. If you can’t say something nice and all. (I do want to be clear that Kaffe was extremely nice and I’m only reliving this in the most amused of ways.)

Do you see just then how I turned a lovely foreword in a gorgeous book into something about me?? Well, he has to be talking about someone (or several someones), right? There I go, all about me.

In any event, I am so happy to have this book in my hot little hands and look forward to enjoying it this evening around the House season finale. I also plan to enjoy it tomorrow when I am alternately NOT doing any of the following:

1. washing dishes

2. vacuuming

3. lawn mowing

4. grocery shopping

I don’t want much. I’m getting too old to want much.


  1. Lily Boot said

    FANTASTIC QUILT! It looks beautiful Amy – it glows! The pieced sashing is great as well. That book looks good and your ramblings sound perfectly rational to me – that’s precisely how I would have interpreted it 😉 However, I find it impossible to believe that your quilt could be lumped in the un-inspiring category. I have seen “un-inspiring” (and personally think the “if you can’t say anything nice” comment should apply to that comment as well!) and yours simply are not. As for the music – Bay City Rollers were my first pinups! – do you find that after you’ve listened to all that you feel a bit queasy as if you’d spent the day eating a packet of jelly snakes or disgusting biscuits? I do.

  2. How did you get the book? I am still waiting for AmazonUK to get it.

  3. Anita said

    Oooh… lovely quilt! And I’m dying to see the Material Obsession book. What a wonderful birthday present to yourself.

    I’ve seen Kaffe a couple of times in class and he always has something good to say about even the less than interesting quilts. We all have to start somewhere and grow. I think we just need more teachers like that, that can give constructive inspiration to help us all grow into better quilt designers.

  4. samantha said

    First, happy birthday!!! Second, my god, you are making me lust after that ruler. LOVE what you are up to with it!

  5. Jackie said

    OOOOOOO!! I love the quilt!! Is this the same wedge one you were working on in your previous post, using the same rule??? I gotta get me one of those. I am sooo jealous you have the book from Material Obsession. I had seen it would be coming out later in the year in the U.S. and thought I would wait. If you don’t mind me asking did they charge and arm and a leg for you to get it from Australia. I may not be able to delay my gratification!! By they way, Happy, Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!

  6. kathy doughty said

    As quilt creators it is impossible not to judge our own work through the eyes of others and when those eyes are Kaffe’s, well, we might as well be naked in Grand Central Station! Don’t take his comments personally as your quilts are wonderful and we are all working to catch up with him. Life is long, quilt a lot and keep doing what you are doing…make everything about you! Happy Birthday…my music parade from the past would include some embarrassing things as well but weren’t they great? In Australia we don’t hear some of the old greats…Pure Prairie League, Marshall Tucker, REO Speedwagon, Jefferson Starship, Jethro Tull, OH MY…and don’t even mention Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and CSN and Young!!! My brothers stole all my albums when I went away to college and so I miss memory lane…kathy

  7. Sarah said

    No problems honey, I posted it as fast as my little legs would carry me. For all the girls asking – the MO book isn’t out in the USA until January 2009 which is a LONG time to wait. If you want to order it from us, you can via where we have a secure link. It will cost about $25 to get to the USA though, it’s a heavy little sucker. 🙂

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