Here’s what I’m thinking

Because I got older yesterday, I took the day off from all tedious tasks. So today, I had to do all the things I avoided yesterday. Maybe next year I will be a year wiser and do some of the tedious tasks so that the next day isn’t, well, entirely tedious. I must say, however, the front yard looks very nice…as does the bathroom sink…and the floors and furniture.

Thus, I have only been looking at fabric and books today and not actually doing anything with them. But here is what I’m thinking as a next project.

This pattern:

And these fabrics:

I like many things about Barbara’s QuiltSoup patterns. One thing I really like is picking fabrics when I’m planning to make one. It is not a brainless task. Her designs are such that you really have to do some thinking and planning about what fabric is going to go where. Her sample quilt has a lot of orange in it which I really like. I picked a lot of oranges but I believe my quilt is going to look less like an orange quilt than it might appear. I think I might have more choices here than I need, but I built in some flexibility depending on whether I like what starts to happen when I rev up the sewing machine.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking that mine needs to go in for a tune-up as soon as school is out. Maybe I don’t want to have those two eventualities to coincide…my brain might NEED the sewing machine to be here.

Finally, ONLY because I was grateful for the information from Jan that new Kaffe fabrics are up over at Glorious Color, I might have ordered some. Just a couple. To tide me over. The Big Blooms aren’t to be missed!



  1. Nanette said

    I have several quilt soup patterns. They are lovely. This one is so cute and I love your fabrics. Speaking of tune-ups, my machine is screaming for one.

  2. lil said


    lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala, happy birthday dear Amy, happy birthday to you

    did you hear me sing, ;o))))))))))))), just a little late but it comes from the deepset of my heart

    that little new project looks quite funny, never tried one of those

    and yes, have to check glorious color too

  3. Lily Boot said

    happy birthday Amy!!!! So you read pattterns, chose fabric, bought fabric – sounds perfect to me! Now did your husband and dear daughter cook dinner for you and provide a cake? I adore that pattern – and your colours choices are fab – I too want to make an orange quilt but never quite get there – I need to try harder. Happy stitching!

  4. Brenda Vornberg said

    Hi…I stumbled upon your blog kinda by accident, but really enjoy looking at all of your projects. I especially liked the wheels you did with the 20 degree wedge ruler. I have gone to my local quilt shops and searched on line and CANNOT find this 20 degree ruler. So could you please tell me where you purchased it? Thanks!

  5. Diane said

    Happiest of birthdays to you. Hope you made a cupcake quilt for yourself. I love mine!

  6. Those are beautiful, cheerful, happy fabrics! It will be lovely!

  7. Happy Birthday. We are older every day. Some of us feel more like ten years older every day.

    You should just treat every day like it was a birthday and have as much fun as you can.

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