Something tells me the economic stimulus check won’t cover it

Today I got an email about an event at which the new Bernina Series 8 will be unveiled. Did you notice I didn’t call it a sewing machine? I have a feeling they don’t call it a sewing machine. Oh, wait, here’s what they call it:

“…the only luxury high-performance sewing and embroidery system in the world.”

What could that possibly mean? I am already a die-hard Bernina fan, and they are already expensive. Calling it a “luxury high-performance” item just plain scares me.

Something tells me this isn’t the machine that quilters have been asking for for years–you know, the one with the wide opening so we can more easily shove our quilts through it. And, if this is the machine that has a wider opening, who could afford it?

I have signed up to see the webcast unveiling. Should you want more info, click here.



  1. pam said

    You can tell me about it when it’s over. I’m afraid to watch.

  2. Lily Boot said

    A Bernina that they are confessing is a “luxury” machine – scary! But I don’t get why they can’t just make that arm LOOOOOOOONG – we don’t want fancy – we just want space!

  3. About ding-danged time! I’m due a new machine–and how!

  4. Linda said

    I agree – the Bernina I bought recently with the BSR was verrry expensive. It isn’t even the embroidery machine. And, the QE440 machines had to be returned to the store to be “adjusted” because of some technological error in production of the BSR foot. This is a scary development. You know what else would be great, besides a wide opening? A drop in bobbin like they have on the Husqvarna.

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