Anna Banana

I love not only the name of this pattern, but also the design and the speed with which it can be executed (including lots of unsewing for those of us who, ahem, may try to work from the finished schematic rather than the how-to-put-this-together schematic):

This is Kathy Mack’s Anna Banana tablerunner and placemat (and namecard holder) pattern. Check out her new online shop called Pink by Post.

Of course, I also lurv the new Kaffe fabric…



  1. mariajhmom said

    Ohhhhhh…..I want one!

  2. Lily Boot said

    i’ve never understood why you would be all prim and proper and work from the pattern when you could be much cleverer and work from the finished photo – the former offers no opportunities for mini-breakdowns, hours of unpicking or cursing – staples of my sewing life! :-0

  3. Jackie said

    Love the fabrics that you chose. Wonderful colors, wonderful Kaffe! Great pattern.

  4. You temptress, you! And in my vulnerable condition, no less.

    Reaching for credit card,

    n, np

  5. Lovely fabrics:-)
    Have a nice and creative week from Norway:-))

  6. kathy said

    Wow, a fabulous combination of fabrics and colors. I LOVE this!

  7. Nancy said

    Love it! Of course, you had me at the Kaffe reds. This pattern is waiting on my table – thanks for the great inspiration to get sewing! I’ll be sure to follow the directions. I know Kathy put lots of time into them, so I guess that’s only fair huh 😉

    I’m impressed by all the template sewing too. Very nice.

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