I’m workin’ on it

Today was the day to start on the medallion quilt center. I decided to go with this as my guide:

I thought it would be a little more direct than the curvier option. Hmm…

Here is the template for one of the “accent” dots:

Penny for scale.

Here is where we are at this point:

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Reproduction fabrics. Ooooh, that’s something new around here.

I’m thinking of adding a wedge-y circle in the center square. It would appear, however, that the wedge-y ruler doesn’t go that small. I believe there is a small Marti Michell wedge-y ruler around here somewhere.

I’m not sure how much further I’ll get today. I had to walk down the street and buy a diet coke today (which I promptly spilled on the top of my dresser). That says something about the desperate state of my sinuses (may your nasal steroid not fall off the formulary). Yes, diet coke can be used for medicinal purposes–it’s all in the fizz.

Oh, and I think I have found a way to quiet down the Pots & Dots quilt–some black to frame the busiest parts.

That’s it for now. That dog isn’t going to walk herself! (The singular “dog” means that I’m not fighting with the other dog to get her harness on today. Someday I will have to get a video of the harnessing ceremony–first, flatten yourself down as much as possible; if couch cushions are available, dig yourself between them as tightly as possible; darn, someone shut the crate doors before we started this; OK, now turn yourself over on your back and pull your front legs in; if the worst happens and the harness is on, DO NOT leave the house; if you do get pulled out the door, look for an opportunity to run back inside while she reaches to pull the door shut…lather, rinse, repeat.)



  1. Jackie said

    Nice choice for the medallion quilt! I can’t believe you are using repros, breaking out of the box is a necessity sometimes. It definitely can be a challenge. It looks great! Sounds like you have a tough time with the dog. At least you know he won’t run away. Next time my sinuses are giving me a hassle, I’ll try Diet Coke.

  2. Judi S said

    Ok , color me ignorant, how are you using the diet Coke, as a nasal rinse?? excuse me while I say EWWW. My whole family has the sinuses (Sinai???) from hell. We tend to do the warm salt water in a little teapot thing — never thought to try diet coke.

    Love your medallion. I must go on the hunt for mine ( she says with a feverish glimer in her eye UMMMM Hunt for pattern, UMMMM)

  3. alobsiger said

    Er, no, I just drink the diet coke and the fizz seems to help my head…

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