Oh, snap

You know, I’m not much for sports. But when I want to settle in and watch the Detroit Red Wings in the fifth game of the Stanley Cup playoffs, don’t you think I should be able to do that? Comcast has taken that from me this evening. Oh, I could go to the tiny TV in the bedroom. But, really, I couldn’t possibly see an octopus on the ice on that tiny screen. It would look like an aphid or something. I wanted to watch in full HD glory. Bupkus. Nada. Nyet. No, no, never, never, uh-uh-uh. We’ve had our votes compromised, our economy is in the toilet and I’m not going to try to sell my house (again). And now this. Oh, I’m whinin’, all right.

All I can say is, Don Cherry had better show up on CBC. Wearing something spectacular.



  1. Jeanne said

    And we’re heading into triple overtime now!

  2. The octopus thing is getting national press once again. Calamari, anyone?

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