That’s handy

Somewhat distracted from FUN around here this week. I think I have a small monkey off my back today by finishing (hopefully) a project that hearkens back to a previous job. Fingers crossed; no opposable thumbs necessary. I’ve only worked on a small handwork project that should become part of a year-end teacher gift:

From the summer 2008 Quilts & More–should you need a quick gift add-on before next week.

Oh, and the cable-vision? It would appear that if I were a better hausfrau, the important cable channels wouldn’t have gone out last night. It seems that dear husband went downstairs to iron a shirt last night. Before plugging in the iron, he unwittingly unplugged an amplifier of some sort in the basement that the important cable channels needed. So, we will hopefully see the Wings win the next and final game in HD.



  1. I thought I was watcing them win last night. That will teach me.

  2. Judi S said

    Those coasters are too cute and now my brain is running amok with ideas. Are you using regular batting or that batting that has some sort of thermal properties? I can’t think of what it’s called ( blame it on peri-menopause). I’m looking for something for my DGD to make for a teacher present and the coasters look easy enough for her. Thanks for the idea!

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