I’m convinced it’s Friday

I have to keep reminding myself that today is not Friday. I’m not quite sure why I’m messed up on my days. Don’t you hate that? But I am quite happy when I realize it is only Thursday. I’m trying to savor the waning days of school. We are in the stage of the year when we receive almost daily notification of some event that is taking place, at best, two days away. I myself am not much on the planning ahead, so I am trying to be flexible.

Trying to make good use of my time, I finally got some borders figured out for the Pots & Dots quilt. This is not according to the pattern, but I thought I should be flexible (again with the flexibility…very good) to accommodate the extra busy-ness of the pieced blocks. I think that surrounding those blocks with some black has helped somewhat. Although, in the Defeat the Purpose Dept., I believe there are six fabrics in the border. I just can’t help myself.

Moving on.

Have you seen the vintage goodies that BettyNinja finds and puts in her Etsy shop? I did:

Do you not love the colors of this hand-stitched gem? It reminds me of Kaffe’s burnt woodrose print too.

So pretty, if I do say so myself.

I also finished the teacher coasters:

These are the most bodacious coasters. I think they would work well as part of a coconut-top bikini. I’ll get my mind up out of the gutter now.

Making these was quite fun. Again, from summer 2008 Quilts & More. And, as per my usual M.O., I kind of skimmed the directions and pretended I knew what I was doing. In this case, I put the hexagon “flowers” together (yes, had I paid closer attention, I would have noticed that a contrast center hex would have looked a LOT better…), set them aside and then machine quilted a rectangle from which I could cut both coaster “bases.” I appliqued the flowers on, cut out the circles and added bias binding. The directions are just fine–and the coasters look SO pretty with hand quilting–but I was in let’s move this along mode. But, really, if one were to make a whole nice set (rather than a skimpy pair), doing some machine quilting on a larger piece and then cutting the coaster bases would be really fast. The side bonus would be machine quilting practice!

These also re-ignited the love of the hexagon. I have spoken before of Brandy’s mylar pieces and that’s what I used. However, I’ve always used these and hadn’t ever used something like light card stock paper. Recently, I used some card stock and I must say that, while the card stock is bendier than the mylar, the mylar is much more slippery than the card stock. While I was basting around the mylar hex, my shapes shifted (oh, so that’s what’s wrong with me!) quite a bit. This could also be due to the handy hole in the middle of the mylar hex. Even when you pin, the pin can move around. I suppose you could cross two pins but then I think the fabric would distort into the hole perhaps leading to some other unforeseen problem…I’m just here to sound the alarm…

ANYHOO, I’ll continue to use the handy mylar shapes because they are so handy and you don’t have to cut them out. Just wanting to share the experience.

Maybe you’ve already seen these, if not go check out what Jackie has been up to with the 18 degree wedge ruler. Her blocks are MARVELOUS and so much fun! You’ll also want to read about her stint in the movies!

And with that, I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your THURSDAY!



  1. Love the coasters! Great idea for quick gifts! I have used these type of hexagons to make a grandmother’s flower garden quilt. I used freezer paper. It does take some time to trace around the hexagon shape and cut out the freezer paper pieces, but you can then iron them (shiny side down) to wrong side of your fabric, cut out leaving about a fourth inch seam allowance (doesn’t have to be super accurate), and the baste seam allowance down. Nice thing about the freezer paper is if you pull you basting stitches out without ripping it (which is really no trouble to do) you can reuse the same pieces over and over again! They re-iron nicely onto more fabric. You may have heard of this, but if not, maybe you can try it sometime.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  2. amanda said

    i’m working on my first hexagon project right now (photos on my flickr) and i bought pre-cut hexagons from http://paperpieces.com/ . i think they are fantastic! their instructions suggest basting through the paper, but i prefer to just baste the fabric because that makes the papers last longer. and paper pieces just released a bunch of cool new shapes like tumblers and octagons that work with 1″ squares. yes, i suppose i could cut my own pieces, but i just can’t be bothered. i have no problem with paying a few dollars to have that work done for me!

  3. Stephanie said

    Great coasters. LOVE your quilt!

  4. Jackie said

    I LOVE your Pots and Dots, simply fabulous! I was soooo waiting to see it together.Bright, beautiful, and as you said happy. The coasters are great, I too saw them in the Quilts and More issue and thought they would make a great gift. I have to say I think it works terrific for teachers. Thanks for the kudos! Have a great night.

  5. Pots and Dots are so cheerful and the black ric rack sets the colors off and gives the eyes a bit of a rest. Isn’t that the effect you’re going for? I don’t think the border is too busy at all, it adds to the exuberance of the design.

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