Have a Bloomin’ Friday

I’m going to dedicate this blog post to Anita. I’m working on my medallion center today:

It won’t actually be set on point. It just looks like I have more done when I look at it on point than when I photograph it straight on…optical illusions and all.

And then the UPS man arrived with some COFFEE. As I am always up for trying recommended coffees, I ordered some that Anita mentioned. Since it’s 90-something here today, I immediately put it on ice with an umbrella straw for added festiveness (I hope Zoka can forgive the Starbucks mug).


Thanks for the fun, Anita!

Oh, and we had a very proud parents evening last night. We got to see and celebrate a sea of 2nd to 6th graders who did what they were supposed to do all year long. What a great bunch of kids! We are especially proud of one child in particular!


  1. pam said

    Ahhhh so what grade next year, I’m afraid I wasn’ t paying strict attention. I’m not going to guess because you know that’s just wrong.

    But ohhh schools out. Its a bittersweet thing isn’t it. Love the medallion. Your work continues to amaze and inspire.

  2. Jackie said

    Loving your blocks, and it looks great on point! How nice, your daughter is moving along. School is coming to a close, must be summer. Mine are not out until June 20 and we have one grad going onto high school in the fall, yikes!! Congrats to yours and a happy summer!

  3. Oh, this looks like the start of something WUNNERFUL! Please keep posting pics of this as it progresses!

    n, np

  4. Stephanie said

    You have the best sense of color. Love your work. Enjoy the fruit bars and try to stay cool!

  5. Darlene said

    Just found your blog! Such a fresh approach to quilting! I’ll be back to visit often. BTW, I read your entire archives. Wowzer!

  6. Anita said

    Awe, you are so sweet. I love your center block! It is absolutely wonderful! And I’m so glad you are enjoying your coffee. Iced or hot, we love Zoka’s.

    Congrats to your daughter! Monumental moments to remember!

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