I’m tired and it’s only Monday

Ah, summer. It’s a thrill a minute in the summer. I’m sure I might get to sew next week…maybe yet this week. Wish me luck. I thought I’d share some highlights of the day.

Definitely THE high point

A sweet and generous reader, Peta, sent me this issue of Australian Homespun magazine. It contains a SUE SPARGO pattern that I’ve never seen. I am sooooooooooo happy to have this!!! If I could get my energy up, this would be a wonderful summer project! Thank you very much, Peta!!!! I’m going to have a nice long sit with this tonight (better have some coffee to stay awake).

That was fun and, in comparison, maybe these are the low-lights of the day.

We’re having a little math reaffirmation this summer.

While someone earned a little extra spending money by scrubbing the grubby porch chairs–oh my gosh, they sparkle–I mowed and swept up and weeded and trimmed.

Then we planted some flower seeds and a couple of tomato plants.

My thumbs are entirely brown. Someone say a little prayer for Early Girl and her friend Roma.

I did have some quilt-y thoughts:

I believe I also settled on fabrics for the first medallion round.

After getting signed up for the library summer reading program, we may do some reading later:

Some of us are decidedly further along in our books than others:

And maybe I’ll eat the last one of these:

Of course, since we may not break out of the 70s this week, maybe I’ll save the last one for a hotter day (or not). I hear tell they also make pomegranate-chocolate chip ice cream. Say it with me, “mmmmmm….”

By the way, have you joined Quilting Bloggers?

I hope you’re having a stitchy day!


  1. diane said

    That’s quite a list of accomplishments for a summer’s day. Great photographs! You really took me back with that math workbook ~ “math reaffirmation” indeed. We’re still struggling with it well into high school! Your medallion center is gorgeous and sure makes a nice backdrop for your summer offings.

  2. MichelleB said

    Those ice cream bars look great! I hope you let us know how you like the book that you’re trying to get through.

  3. pam said

    Ohhh I thought we pretty much cornered the market on Summer Bridge Program books… I can see we’re not alone in that. I’ll be honest when I say I wasn’t all that sad when she moved past my math abilities and into Dad territory. The sewing and the reading looks fun.

    It’s hot here, pass that ice cream over.

  4. Jackie said

    I absolutely love your mail! Lucky you with a copy of Australian Homespun…woohoo!! As far as the math goes, thank goodness my children have a natural ability for math, inherited from Dad NOT me. If it doesn’t have to do with fabric yardage or finished size blocks…forget it! Well at least now after planting your garden you can feel good about eating your veggies before indulging in the ice cream.

    One last note…love, love, love the fabrics! I think I have a few of the same, can’t wait to see the results, so hurry up!

  5. Jean C. said

    O.k. well, your taste in fabric’s fantastic! (lol… i have the same white w/blue whirly gigs/flowers on it!… Love it!) And the ice cream looks yummy… probably not in the points w/weight watchers though (for me!) oh well, I will find me some that are!
    Enjoy your summer. Grow Roma’s grow…. I planted around 90 tom’s this year. Need to get some canning done… w/help from my girls (they need stuff too, they have to work for it though!)

  6. samantha said

    thanks for the quilting bloggers link!

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