Well, that took long enough

I’m not referring to the amount of time it took to finish the first round of the medallion. I’m referring to the amount of time it took to get to work on the first round of the medallion. Sheesh. Well, the park isn’t going to play itself, now is it? There has been driving around to be done, eyes and bodies to be checked, friends to be played with, math to be practiced. Today, however, we stayed at home and took a small child hostage, er, I mean, we invited a friend to come over and play. And I worked on the medallion.

I took Anita’s recommendation to press seams open on the square in a square blocks. It so greatly reduces bulk, but it also seems to require open seam management skills that I don’t “seem” to have. It was kind of like having to drive in the roundabout to a far-afield doctor’s appointment the other day–too many things to pay attention to and I’m not sure I’m in the right lane and hey, what’s that guy doing? I have it on good authority that our roundabouts are a little different than most others. Aha, apparently I have a more international feel for the roundabout. I knew there was something wrong with ours.

Anyhoo, I digress and all is well with the medallion but I may have to do a tiny bit of easing when I PRECISELY do the next round.

I thought about doing a little tutorial for you, but I wasn’t quite sure you’d be interested. If anyone wants to see how to eat a hole in the middle of a cucumber slice without breaking the slice’s “circle,” let me know! Although there could be a week’s delay in bringing you this information as the instructor is going to art day camp all next week. I hope this won’t be too problematic for you.



  1. Nanette said

    Wow. So amazing. Ever since I started Dear Jane I’ve realized just how much work and precision sewing goes into something like your masterpiece. I can now appreciate a quilt like this.

  2. Jan said

    This center is magnificent!! *swooning*

  3. pam said

    Uh, yes, since I can’t figure any of that out I’ll need a tutorial. But I don’t get what you think didn’t work out on the open seam management, everything looks very matchy to me!

  4. kathie said

    JUST beautiful!
    you did a wonderful job with this center for your medallion.
    Now your ready to make it again for the Sarah Johnson quilt too , right?

  5. Anita said

    It looks great! You have done an amazing job. Seam management. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that.
    I’ve noticed over time that my 1/4-inch foot takes a very scant 1/4. In cases like this border with lots of seams, I have to be very, very careful or it ends up being a little wonky. Then again, antique quilts often are a little wonky. đŸ˜‰

  6. JudyC said

    Well that’s just fabulous!

  7. Lily Boot said

    I’m a great fan of hostage taking – definitely my preferred method of enjoying the holidays! Your medallion looks FAB! I haven’t done my first round yet either – slack as! But from my castle medallion, I’m amazed at just how much “easing” goes into medallion sewing. Mmmmm…. Just put me down as a great fan of the “wonky, antique look” patchwork as well.

  8. Stephanie said

    Simply gorgeous!

  9. Jackie said

    Okay, loving the quilt…your open seams are great! At least from the front, not sure about the back. I am sure that you had many burnt finger tips to go along with the pressing…OUCH! I am too familiar with this. It sounds like the Mommy taxi, entertainer, waitress, etc has been very busy. We certainly know the whole in the cucumber slice trick, but have you ever seen the snowflake tortilla??

  10. Jackie said

    Oops, sorry I spelled hole wrong, please forgive me!

  11. bobbinhead said

    I love it! It’s beautiful!

  12. Jean C. said

    Really now, if that was a mistake… I wish all my mistakes looked like that!
    Have fun with the air camp… are you teaching or taking?
    Your medallion looks great!

  13. diane said

    This is absolutely spectacular!

  14. That turned out so pretty. It reminds me of those yummy pastel pastries, petit fors? I know I spelled that wrong, but I hope you know what I mean. I’ve finished my center (it’s the right size now) I just need to make the border around it and I’ll be ready for the next go-round. It’s fun to see how different these all are turning out.

  15. What an interesting piece you are working on. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  16. dorie said

    I love your center!

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