Nothing like a day at camp to clear the brain. My brain is clear because dear daughter was at camp. What a good day to be inside doing all sorts of art-y things–it has stormed off and on and off and on all day. We saw some resplendent lightning that must have been striking right around hubby’s office. I believe that was something related to the sagging auto industry. Or maybe it was just a round of great new ideas related to saving the auto industry…yeah, that must be it.

I have four quilts lined up to be quilted, but I wasn’t willing to settle in to any of them right off the bat. So I did a little investigative work on a possible new block o’ the month thing of a kind of a deal.

I’ve been poring through this book:

So many wonderful ideas spilling from its pages.

I am poking around with this quilt:

This quilt was made in 1954 by Jesse Dresser Jacobs of Lewiston, Idaho. Since I paid attention to the caption, I discovered that it is a re-make of sorts of this quilt:

Sorry it’s a little dark–I’ll blame the stormy weather.

This quilt was made around 1830-1850 possibly in Wales by “Mrs. Williams” who left it to Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs when she died in thanks for all of the help the couple had given her over the years. Mrs. Jacobs then made her version of the quilt (it’s the first quilt pictured in this post) after collecting fabrics for more than 20 years. The whole story actually brought a tear to my eye. sniffle

I’m thinking this would be very interesting in Kaffe-y prints. I believe the wedge ruler will also come in to play here. Perhaps the center square will be a wedge-y circle, although a center star would be lovely too.

So, a little testing:

I’m thinking I prefer the light background, but black could be nice. Maybe another background option will present itself.

After this bit of playing around, I got to work on some machine quilting and tonight I need to get started on a little applique block.

Right now, however, I need to see what kind of a mess I’ve made of some chocolate chip shortbread. I think I needed to use a bigger pan. Most days I think I have a better handle on the sewing than on the cooking…

I hope this finds you well!



  1. Lily Boot said

    Oooh Amy – I love that quilt! I actually prefer the “reproduction” – I like it’s uncluttered more simple look. And that blue floral fabric is divine! So is this going to be one of the block of the month quilts your shop will run? What a lovely task you have a ahead of you! Completely understand about the cooking – I used to be quite a good cook – especially baking – but now everything is left to its own mercies whilst I sew and if it turns out – yay! if not – we eat it anyway! 😉

  2. Anita said

    I’ve been eyeing that book as well. It’s on my wish list. A customer brought it into the shop a couple of weeks ago and I’m waiting for the shop orders to arrive. It looks like an awesome book!

  3. MichelleB said

    I really like that flowered block that you made. How fun is that!

  4. kathie said

    thats one of my favorite quilts in the book.
    don’t you just love that book?
    I look at it all the time for inpsiration and to just enjoy the quilt pictures!!!!
    will look forward to seeing your version of this quilt…

  5. Stephanie said

    I love to see alternative fabrics used when making traditional quilts. Your test blocks are grea. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. This looks like a quilt that will keep you busy!

  6. Oh this will be stunning. Please keep posting your progress.. :o)

  7. Joanna said

    I am in love with that quilt – and I MUST get my hands on that book! I totally agree – Kaffe type prints would be wonderful. I really like the block with the blue floral b/g. I would do all sorts of fabrics for the b/g instead of just one and make it really crazy! But I do see that the white or black would be calming.

    And yes seeing East High was quite emotional…sigh…lol!! Hopefully we will get back soon and take pics of us in front of it 🙂 Super exciting!!!

  8. Jackie said

    Amy, You always inspire me!! I love all three color ways you have chosen. One a little funky and fun, and 2 a little contemporary. Oh and what fun that would be to use that wonderful wedge ruler to create a wedgy center. I think you ought to go the distance and create 3 quilts, one in each color way!! Can’t wait to see your progress.

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