Friday, really?

Where do these weeks go? You know the commercial in which the mom finds the family’s rollover phone minutes in the trash? I want to find time that way. Monday starts nicely, you blink, and the whole week is over. I gotta get a handle on time. I did not get done as much as I coulda/shoulda/woulda during this camp week. By Wednesday, I guess I got a little smug. Oh, time? I’ve got plenty of that.

This block got done today just in the nick of time. I believe I promised myself I would start it on Monday. Instead, I had to bribe myself today with a viewing of Mrs. Dalloway on DVD (followed by a very interesting movie called Snowcake with Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver–I’ve actually got 26:42 left of that to watch, shh, don’t spoil the ending). Oh, and I guess I still have a running stitch that needs to go in the solid background:

And a certain fabric must have been near the top of a pile when I was doing a practice wedge block:

May I just interrupt this post to ask: What NOW WordPress??? You and me and your image uploader are going to have fisticuffs in short order. Straighten up.

This is a test wedge for the quilt I was going on about the other day so long ago:

And now I’m just going to show you some ultra-eye candy that arrived in the mailbox the other day from this magazine:

I used to read this mag and Patchwork Quilts Tsushin fairly regularly when I first started quilting. We used to have a nice Japanese book store not too far away and being sans child at the time, we would wander out and shop for Japanese treasures. Then they cut waaaay back on the quilt and craft offerings and we stopped going out as often. And then they closed. I occasionally pick one up at a used book store. One shop has a nice little stash that I feel sure they are saving just for me to buy one or two now and then.

This is the July 2008 issue (no. 123) that I selected from Purl. I got a nifty Purl gift certificate for my birthday and have just been sitting back and quietly planning my purchases. So I got some of Anna Maria’s Drawing Room fabrics and my one and only lone piece of Liberty lawn:

Oh, she is soooooo lonely.

Anyways, back to Quilts Japan. This is the summer-iest magazine ever. I want to sit down and make some of these happy and refreshing projects.


Or (I think this one is my favorite):

But, this is pretty too:

Look at that cute lamp!

Then there’s this that the lamp is sitting upon:

I don’t know if you can see it in this LOVELY photo, but I really like the petals that are quilted into the lighter background wedges.

I also like this:

And this:

I just love that one!

This is nice too:

Oooh, ahhhh:

No, really, WordPress, this is getting ridiculous and I’m starting to get a teensy bit angry…

I’ll try to look at a full size image of something pretty to assuage my bad feelings:

And now this:

Finally, there is this (this is pure eye candy as there is no pattern for it):

There are patterns for all of the other projects shown (and then some). All in all, this is a GREAT issue! Perfect for long (??), lazy summer days of either stitching or dreaming.

Maybe next time, I’ll show you some of the treasured creations from art camp. There is a too-die-for Nancy Drew marionette!



  1. Cyndi said

    WOW! That little quilt under the lamp (and the LAMP of course) is making me consider making quilts with TEMPLATES…. Maybe… hmmm… it’s just too cute…

  2. fabricpile said

    Fisticuffs! *snort!* I’ve been imagining cyber brass knuckles, myself! I’ve noticed that Leopard doesn’t seem to like the image uploader so much. Love the spidery gold flower block in the “something pretty” quilt. Might have to sketch that up for later.

  3. lil said

    Oh Amy, I love all of these and I think My friend, who’s going to Japan in August has to get that issue for me

  4. Lily Boot said

    Good golly miss molly! Those Japanese craft magazines just take pretty to new heights – I adore that quilt that has the green hexagony things with the bare corner – but then I love the lamp too. Isn’t Snowflake a GREAT film! We all found it really, really moving – and Alan Rickman is my dream man.

  5. Dorothy said

    I’m fairly new to blogging and have just discovered your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and must say you have a wonderful color sense, so bright and cheery!
    I love the Japanese quilting magazines also, but unfortunately we don’t have a source anymore.

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