An out of the ordinary day

It has been an exceptional Sunday. Mainly because I didn’t have to go to work. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t work on a Sunday. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary; it was just nice to change the routine and to have time to lollygag. Which I did. I cut up some of Tina Givens’ new Annabella fabrics and mixed them with some others. It was a squares and rectangles kind of project from Blue Underground:

I ended up with some of these:

And will eventually begin to arrange them…something like this:

I believe I have completed 26 out of 35 blocks. These blocks go together so zippity-quick! I had a hard time choosing between the brown/pink/yellow colorway and the GREY/red/green colorway. I can’t believe I didn’t go with the grey/red/green first, but this was so fast that I might make another. I know a girl whose name is very close to Annabella and she might like a quilt for her bed.

Taking a break from all of that fun, we wandered to the bookstore where we bought the new Mysterious Benedict Society book (if you are a grown-up and you can save Mr. Benedict, you will have my highest admiration) for someone who is reading and reading and reading this summer. While I had a book coupon to spare, I resisted literary temptation since my summer reading stack is growing into a summer and beyond reading stack.

I only came home with this delightful summer reading:

Oh, and, er, I came home to find that I had left the iron ON while we were gone. I DOUBLE CHECKED IT before we left…I wonder if I actually turned it back on instead of off. It would seem that any replacement iron will have to be of the dreaded auto-shut-off variety. I’m getting closer to The Home every day. And while it sounds like it might be very relaxing at The Home, I doubt they will let me bring my sewing machine, my stash and a variety of sharp implements. I’d better keep it together a while longer!

I hope your Sunday was great too!



  1. Anita said

    Love those Tina Givens fabrics! I have one of those dreaded irons. While it can be annoying, it has saved my tush a few times. And… my husband and I call the home “Shady Rest” – from The Bells of St. Mary.

  2. Kim said

    Lovely! Love those Tina Givens fabrics and can’t wait to see the completed quilt!

  3. Stephanie said

    You have the most delicious color sense!!! You make me chuckle…I despise the auto-shut off iron and what did I buy to replace my old iron…the auto shut off. Why? Because I didn’t read the box. I do not like it Sam I Am, however many occasions recently I’m glad I had it because I too, left it on! I think there should be a HOME for quilters. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

  4. fabricpile said

    Just shoot me, Mrs. S. Make it quick and painless if possible, s’il tu plait! I’ve been resisting the temptation to order any new fabric recently and those Annabellas are going to be the death of me one way or another! MUST HAVE THEM!

  5. Lily Boot said

    Amy you have the best sense of colour of any one I know – you give Kaffe Fassett a run for his money! As for the iron – that has happened so many times at my place, and the house has never burned down – it will now of course! I cannot stand the turn-off irons – they drive me completely batty!

  6. Jan said

    Your color selection for your quilt is fabulous! Some of those prints are new to me…and quite enticing. Would it be ridiculous to be thinking of ordering fabric when I’m sitting in a little 26th floor apartment with nary a needle in sight? 😉

  7. calegar said

    Oh, I love Tina Givens fabrics! Beautifull!

  8. I like what you’re doing with those fabrics and aren’t those Blue Underground Studios patterns great? I’d never heard of them until I saw some quilt samples at this year’s Sew Expo in Puyallup.

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